Be Location-Independent. Be Free.

Information and Advice on How to Become a Digital Nomad

Be Location-Independent. Be Free.

Information and Advice on How to Become a Digital Nomad
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Find out if the digital nomad lifestyle is the right choice for you. Learn step-by-step where to start, what to do next and how to be successful with a location-independent life.

Learn everything you need to know about the digital nomad lifestyle, how to prepare your new life, where and how to find jobs and get helpful tips and tools to make your new way of living as easy as possible.

Find the perfect resources that help you with your new life: Apps, websites and tools to score remote jobs, book cheap flights and accommodation and to organize your digital nomad lifestyle.

What Is This Blog About?

Digital Nomad Soul provides essential and realistic information for aspiring digital nomads.

Find out if a location-independent life is the right choice for you. Learn how to prepare this lifestyle, how to find the perfect remote job, and how to score your first gig. Get tips and advice on the best tools out there to make your new lifestyle as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Latest Blog Posts

9 Sneaky Work From Home Scams & How To Avoid Them

Being able to work from home or literally anywhere in the world has many advantages, no more commutes and more personal freedom are just two of them. Many people would love to telecommute and desperately search the internet for any opportunities. Unfortunately, there...

Best VPN Service for Digital Nomads: NordVPN Pros & Cons

Whether you are a digital nomad or a traveler, who works quite a bit online, a VPN is absolutely indispensable. You are most likely going to use networks with hundreds, if not thousands of other users in it on a regular basis. Therefore, you have to protect your data...

How To Become A Successful Digital Nomad The Safe Way

Being a digital nomad sounds like the dream life to you and can’t wait to start it, too? Well, congrats on your decision! Before you quit your job, sell your house and leave on the next plane you should probably learn a thing or two about this lifestyle....

17 Useful Gift Ideas For Digital Nomads under $100

Yes, it’s the time of the year again, Christmas is near. In case you have a digital nomad in your family, you might be wondering what kind of present you could buy for the holiday season. Or maybe you are looking for a nice birthday present for a friend who likes to...

I Am An Introvert: Can I Live A Digital Nomad Life?

A while ago I was catching up with an old friend of mine back from university. We were chatting about what we’ve been up to when she looked at me with big eyes and said “I could never live such a life! I’m too much of an introvert!”. That got me thinking. Am I an...

3 Pro Strategies To Calculate Your Freelance Rate As A Beginner

You have made up your mind: You want to leave the 9-5 office job behind you. You also know what kind of job you want to do as a freelancer. Everything is set and ready to go. There is just one thing that you are still a bit uncertain of: What hourly rates can you...

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