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31 Best Coworking Spaces Worldwide for Smart Remote Workers

by | Last updated May 4, 2022

Many location-independent professionals are happy that they can finally leave their dreaded office job and never have to go back. But where are they supposed to get their job done now? On the couch? Maybe set up a home office? Or even better, go to shared workspaces.

Luckily, these offices pop up just about anywhere today and make working without the usual corporative office space much easier. In case you are on the hunt for the coolest and best coworking spaces out there, check out this list and see where you can find the right spot for you.

Why Should I Use Coworking Spaces?

According to deskmag there were about 13,800 coworking spaces worldwide in 2017. These offices have more than 1 million members in total. Astonishing numbers, right? But what is it that makes shared workspaces so popular?

I have published an article with all the benefits and downsides of coworking spaces a while ago. So this time I just give you the main pros of working in a shared office:

So it is not only about the working space.

Personally, I’m more productive when I can work from home without others around me. However, I love going to coworking spaces every once in a while anyway to meet other remote workers, exchange ideas, create synergies, and simply to make friends.

Best Coworking Spaces

Best Coworking Spaces

In case you have a remote job, too, and are looking for places to get your work done, see if there is a great coworking space near you. If not, well, since you are location-independent, who knows, maybe your next trip will take you there ;)


Where: Koh Phangan, Thailand

Price: USD 15/day, USD 190/month

Want to live the typical digital nomad cliché? Go to BeacHub in Koh Phangan! Here you get to work right at the beachfront, overlooking the fantastic ocean. Go for a swim in your lunch break, have a shower at the coworking space, work from a hammock, and dine at one of the finest establishments in Thailand, the Karma Beach Kafe. Paradise!

Best Coworking Spaces

B. Amsterdam

Where: Amsterdam

Price: EUR 75/5 days a month, from EUR 175/month

This property used to be the IBM headquarter and is now one of the coolest coworking spaces out there – B.Amsterdam. The huge building has everything you need. Your flex or fixed desk membership also includes access to the building’s gym, rooftop garden and photo studio.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Barcelona, Spain

Price: EUR 25/day, from EUR 143/month

Betahaus has several coworking spaces across the planet. But one of the most popular ones is definitely in Barcelona. This shared office is spread across 6 floors, where you will find a café, patio, classroom space, a terrace, event space, and a siesta club. Do you need anything else? Oh, yes, coworking space. Yes, there is plenty of that, too.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

Price: from BGN 190/month

Let’s jump right to the next awesome Betahaus. Not only is Sofia one of the most trending digital nomad cities at the moment, but it also has one of the coolest coworking spaces. That’s why you will find many entrepreneurs and start-ups in this Betahaus. Together they enjoy about 50 organized events every single week! I’m sure there is something interesting for you, too. Additional pro: They are pet-friendly!

Best Coworking Spaces


Where Honolulu, Hawaii

Price: USD 25/day, from USD 225/month

BoxJelly is not only one of Hawaii’s first coworking spaces, it is also one of the most popular ones worldwide. This is the perfect place for everyone who is interested in collaborations and networking since the community aspect is very important in this place. Nothing better than working in such a cool environment and chilled atmosphere.

Best Coworking Spaces

Cape Town Office

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

Price: from ZAR 900/50 hours per month

Cape Town Office is perfectly located in the East City precinct, surrounded by countless shops, bars and restaurants. Many freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups come together in this lovely and spacious office and create a supportive community.

Best Coworking Space


Where: Tunis, Tunisia

Price: TND 20/day, from TND 180/month

Cogite in Tunisia attracts a great group of impact-driven entrepreneurs and organizations. People with backgrounds such as social innovation, civil society, business or technology create a supportive community that works together or simply hangs out in the beautiful garden or at the refreshing pool.

Best Coworking Space


Where: Itajai, Brazil

Price: USD 18/day, from USD 100/month

Brazil is getting more and more popular with digital nomads. No surprise you will find some fantastic coworking spaces there, too. Coollabore is located right in the center of Itajai and provides a very pleasant working atmosphere for team and individual workers alike.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Las Palmas, Spain

Price: EUR 5/tryout day, from EUR 140/month

Las Palmas has quite a few coworking space options. One of the best is definitely CoworkingC. This place is small enough to create a community where everybody knows each other’s names. An absolute highlight: You get unlimited surfing with the membership at the beach, which is only a few steps away.

Best Coworking Spaces

Crew Collective

Where: Montreal, Canada

Price: Café is free to join, member area: from CAD 20/day, from CAD 100/month

Imagine this: An old Royal Bank building, chandeliers, bronze, and marbles – sounds fancy? It sure is. This 12,000 square-foot coworking space is definitely one of the most impressive places to work. The core of the concept of Crew Collective is a wonderful café, which is free for everyone. If you need a closed room for meetings or team sessions, you can book that anytime.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Canggu, Indonesia

Price: IDR 220,000/day, IDR 2,900,00/month

Definitely one of the most popular coworking spaces worldwide: Bali’s Dojo. It is situated in a fantastic location: Only one minute walk to the beach and surrounded by tropical, lush gardens. If you don’t feel like working, relax at the pool or join one of their regular events. Since the internet can be tricky in Bali, Dojo uses five different internet providers to make sure there is always a great connection. Because power cutoffs are fairly common, too, the owners have their own power stabilizer and generators. Quite obviously they know what they are doing.

Best Coworking Spaces

Duke Studios

Where: Leeds, England

Price: from GBP 99/month

The Duke Studios in Leeds are a fantastic place for everyone who is after a hip and inspiring atmosphere. Creatives of all fields, like designers, web developers, animators, copywriters, filmmakers, or bloggers, find their little powerhouse here to socialize, collaborate and grow. Definitely one of the best coworking spaces out there.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Bali, Indonesia

Price: USD 20/day, from USD 60/month

Hubud is Bali’s first coworking space and by now one of the most popular worldwide. Why? It has a super cool bamboo interior, fast internet (which is hard to get on Bali), and it even offers coliving packages, which include scooter rent and accommodation. If you are looking for a place to work, sit in a relaxed garden area and socialize with others, this is the place to be.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Budapest, Hungary

Price: EUR 14/day, from EUR 180/month

Central location, well-equipped office space, quick WIFI – that’s what attracts many digital nomads and freelancers to Kaptar. This place is basically like a mixture of coffee shop and a home office. If you are looking a great place to work from in the heart of Budapest and don’t want to spend your days alone anymore, this is the place to go.

Best Coworking Space


Where: Koh Lanta, Thailand

Price: USD 11/day, USD 172/month

You can’t argue that Thailand is extremely popular with digital nomads. Hence there is an abundance of great coworking spaces. KoHub is another super popular one. It doesn’t only have a big coworking space but offers coliving facilities, too. There is a restaurant and juice bar with delicious meal options and it is open 24 hours a day, all year.

Best Coworking Spaces

Ministry of New

Where: Mumbai, India

Price: from INR 11,500/10 days per month

A truly spectacular coworking space is Ministry of New in Mumbai. The 2200 square foot space has plenty of daylight due to its big windows and high ceilings and you get some beautiful views over the city. You will also find a cozy, yet high-quality working environment. Imagine European style with a local Indian touch. A great combination of working, socialization, and relaxing.

Best Coworking Spaces

NeueHouse Hollywood

Where: Los Angeles, California

Price: from USD 150-200/for weekday evenings after 5 pm & all day on weekends

If that’s not one of the coolest coworking spaces out there, then I don’t know what is. NeueHouse offers seven stories of shared office space for people of all professions. But given the location and features, you will find many members involved with the film, fashion, or publishing industries. Apart from the office space, you will also get two outdoor terraces and a recording studio, which was used by Bob Dylan, Lucille Ball and many more. A great combination of the glamorous, old days in Hollywood and modern, functional office designs.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Toronto, Canada

Price: CAD 20/day, CAD 35/month

Northspace is the perfect place for small businesses and startups as they have the perfect chance to connect and foster collaborations in this shared office space. They are open 24/7, have free and paid food options and free coffee. in case you need a break you can go and have fun in their games room.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Johannesburg, South Africa

Price: ZAR 256,50/day

Another gem in South Africa: OPEN. There are actually two OPEN offices in Johannesburg, both equally good. They offer cafés, large coworking areas, private offices, and meeting rooms. Here you will find a creative, inspiring, and entrepreneurial atmosphere. You can also join one of the many public events the space holds.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: San Francisco, California

Price: from USD 350/month

Parisoma, located in the Bay Area of San Fran, has a couple of goodies for you: First, they offer space to park your bike (very important in that city). Second, you are allowed to bring your dog! And third, you will get a complimentary breakfast every Friday. For the unlikely case, this is not reason enough to head there right now, you can, of course, book a dedicated desk, a private office, or space in the open office seating area.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Paris, France

Price: from EUR 390/month

Think of colors, many colors. Because Patchwork’s interior design concept is completely based on colorful furniture. The vibrant coworking space brings together creatives, photographers, architects, designers, and entrepreneurs, who enjoy regular events, workshops, formations or meet-ups for drinks together.

Best Coworking Spaces


Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Price: THB 289/day, from THB 3,899/month

One of the absolute classics: Punspace Nimman. This popular coworking space has a well-designed interior and a courtyard to relax outside. It offers Skype rooms, lockers and private offices. Members can also use the second Punspace location in the eastern part of town, close to Tha Phae Gate.

Best Coworking Spaces

Soho Works

Where: London, Great Britain

Price: GBP 40/day, from GBP 400/month

Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, London, Soho Works enjoys an absolute prime location and attracts many freelancers and creatives. The interior design is a combination of vintage and contemporary furnishings, surrounded by large windows which create an open space and let in lots of daylight.

Best Coworking Spaces

The Farm

Where: New York City, USA

Price: USD 20/day, from USD 179/month

Need an escape from the big concrete jungle to focus on your work again? Simply venture to the coworking space The Farm. Just as the name suggests, the warm and cozy interior design gives you the feeling of being in the right in the middle of a lovely farmhouse. Here you can work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere 24/7. Because farmhouse or not, the city never sleeps.

Best Coworking Spaces

The Pioneer Collective

Where: Seattle, USA

Price: USD 30/day, from USD 225/month

At The Pioneer Collective, you will find pretty much any type of remote professional: designers, consultants, artists, startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers…They all enjoy the modern, beautiful and cozy working environment located just a short walk from Downtown Seattle. Store your bike, take a shower and start working, go to a conference or hold an event.

Best Coworking Spaces

The Working Capitol

Where: Keong Saik, Singapore

Price:  from SGD $255/month

The Working Capitol doesn’t only provide a modern and productive working environment. It also creates a community of like-minded people who like to enjoy lunch together, unwind at monthly team events or hang out at the in-house beer garden.

Best Coworking Spaces

The Work Project

Where: Hong Kong, China

Price: no info

The Work Project in Hong Kong has a strong hospitality background which you can definitely see. The place is beautifully decorated, has a breathtaking vertical garden, comfy furniture, and a perfect selection of great food options. This is how you work in style!

Best Coworking Spaces

Urban Station

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Price: ARS 75/first hour, ARS 710/ten hours

Urban Station has several coworking spaces around the globe. The one in Buenos Aires is very popular because of its cozy atmosphere, great networking opportunities, and extra services, such as a virtual office, postal service, or an urban bookstore. In this shared office, you pay per hour that you work.

Best Coworking Spaces

WeWork Weihai Lu

Where: Shanghai, China

Price: from HKD 3,500/month

You can find WeWork coworking spaces pretty much all over the world. Given their experience, these guys know what they are doing. The WeWork office in Shanghai used to be an opium factory in the 1930s and is now one of the most stylish branches you can find. Today it looks more like a London-style mansion and offers its members many weekly networking events, happy hours inclusive.

Best Coworking Space

Workplace One

Where: Toronto, Canada

Price: CAD 25/day, from CAD 225/month

Located right in the middle of countless artisanal cafes and designer shops, Workplace One has an absolutely prime location close to downtown Toronto. The interior design creates an innovative, modern, and inspiring atmosphere for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote employees alike.

Best Coworking Spaces

Cowork Around the Planet

As you can see, there are many great coworking spaces all around the world, each with its own character and style. Whenever you are in the mentioned cities, make sure to check out these popular places.

If you want to find more great shared offices near you, check out websites such as Coworker to find the best place for your needs.

Do you know any other awesome coworking spaces that I haven’t listed here? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  2. Excellent article. It was very interesting to read. But it would be more pleasant to find here some locations from my native Oslo. We have many interesting working spaces in local business centers that are worth mentioning.

  3. Thanks a lot, Sakshi! Glad you liked it :)

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