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Top Black Friday Deals for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

by | Last updated Mar 13, 2021

If you have been following this blog for a while you know that I’m not much into materialistic things. So having a few days or even weeks dedicated to sales and shopping is not exactly what I want to support. However, there are certain Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals for digital nomads and remote workers that are highly useful.

The following deals are mostly on virtual products or services that can be extremely helpful for you if you work remotely and/or travel a lot. Have fun!


Black Friday Deals for Online Courses

Yes, I’m a huge fan of constant self-development and education. Luckily, today there are many fantastic online courses out there, that help you learn new skills that are useful for your remote career without even leaving your home.


Zero to Remote Work Success

Zero to Remote Work Success” is an online course that teaches you how to find the right remote job for your skills and needs. You will learn step by step:

  • how to come up with the right remote job type (even if you don’t have any previous experience!),
  • how to find the right remote work style, and
  • how to land your first online job or how to start your own online business, if this is what you prefer.

The online course is jam-packed with actionable worksheets, helpful link lists and useful templates. When you enroll in this course, you get a second online course “Rock your Remote Job” (see below) FOR FREE on top!

The actual value of this course bundle is USD 946. But between November 23rd and December 06th you get the chance to enroll for only USD 289! That means you get to save 70%!

Considering that you get lifetime access and the course content gets updated with time, this is an incredible bargain.

Learn more about the “Zero to Remote Work Success” and enroll here.

Remote Work Online Course

Rock your Remote Job

Rock Your Remote Job” is the perfect online course for everyone who already has an online job but is new to remote work. This course will teach you:

  • How to set up your home office properly (and what you need for working while traveling),
  • What to do to secure your data when working online,
  • How to communicate efficiently in a remote team,
  • How to skyrocket your productivity so you can get more done in less time, and
  • How to stay physically and mentally fit when working remotely.

This online course comes with valuable checklists, templates and app lists to improve your remote work routine.

The actual value of it is USD 197. Between November 23rd and December 06th you get the chance to enroll for only USD 99! That is a 50% discount during the cyber weeks.

If you are interested, head over to the course page “Rock your Remote Job” and enroll there.

Work from Home Online Course

Become a Digital Nomad ebook

I know, now is not the perfect time to start traveling. But now is definitely a great time to get prepared! The ebook “Become a Digital Nomad” explains exactly what you need to do to become a digital nomad. Here are a few topics that are covered:

  • How much money should you save before leaving,
  • How to pick the first country you are going to,
  • What you need to know about taxes and visa,
  • What you should pack, or
  • What type of health insurance you need.

On top of that you learn how to make the best of your lifestyle once you are on the road, for instance:

  • How to make friends when traveling
  • How to stay physically and mentally fit,
  • How to save money when traveling,
  • How to find the best accommodation,
  • Important safety tips, or
  • How to be productive when working while traveling.

If you want to become a digital nomad, this hands-on ebook will most definitely help you along the way.

The original value is USD 39.99 but you can get it during the cyber weeks for half the price, USD 19.99! Head over to the “Become a Digital Nomad” ebook page and download it now!

Ebook Cover


If you are looking for short and crisp online courses on a specific topic, Udemy is your place to go. You only need to register and can then buy the courses you are interested in. That could be digital nomad- or remote work-related topics or courses on personal interests. Here are a few examples:

There are literally thousands of online courses to choose from. Just make sure you check the teacher’s reviews before you enroll in one.

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can get online courses for as cheap as USD 10, so with a massive discount. Head over to Udemy and find something helpful for your career!


Black Friday Deals for Remote Workers

If you are looking for new tools and services that help you with your remote career, check out the following Black Friday and Cyber Money Deals:



FlexJobs LogoFlexJobs is the number 1 platform I recommend to anyone who is looking for remote jobs. Here you can find thousands of part-time and full-time jobs on a remote and/or flexible basis. The best part: All jobs are hand-screened which means they are 100% scam-free.

You can find remote jobs or freelance gigs with smaller companies or big corporations, like Apple, SAP, Hilton, Dell, or The American Red Cross.

From November 24th until December 7th you can save up to 67% off their subscription! This allows you to apply to as many jobs as you want and gives you plenty of additional tools, e.g. career coaching or resume reviews.

Here is the deal in detail:

  • $2.50 for weekly AND $5.00 for a month — up to 67% off!
  • $15.00 for 3 months — 50% off!
  • $25.00 for a year — 50% off!

Just use promo code FRIDAY when prompted on the billing page to take advantage of the savings.

Head over to FlexJobs now to get this incredible deal!



Everyone who has been following me for a while knows that I LOVE NordVPN and have been using it for years. I know that data protection sounds boring and technical but if you work online while traveling you NEED to have a reliable VPN. Here are a few reasons why a VPN service is something you should have:

  • Not even people, who are using the same network as you, can see your data.
  • Malicious operators can’t tap your information.
  • Malicious operators can’t route you to phishing pages.
  • Online advertisers have a harder time tracking and profiling you.
  • You can access sites that are normally blocked due to government censorship.

See, this is definitely something every digital nomad and frequent traveler should have. It’s really not that expensive but can save you from the hassle of getting hacked.

I always go for the 2-year plan because I need it anyway and NordVPN is super reliable. So you can’t go wrong here.

If you do the same and buy NordVPN’s 2-year plan between the 16th of November and the 7th of December, you get +3 months for free! You’ll also get the deal for only USD 89 instead of the regular price of USD 290. That’s a saving of 68%!

Head over to NordVPN to claim your deal now!

NordVPN Black Friday

Amazon Deals

Now to the only material things that I’d recommend you to get. These are pretty much the basics that you need when working online either from your home office or while traveling. Some of these are usually very pricy. That’s why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect chances to buy them at a big discount.

Of course, there are many places where you can get the following tools from. But I think that most of us use Amazon and they have some great deals during this time of the year. Here are a few examples:

These are just a few basics. If you are interested in more gadgets or tools that improve your remote work routine, check out my blog post on “31 Home Office Gadgets”.

Home Office Gadgets

Black Friday Deals for Digital Nomads and Travelers

In case you are looking for something helpful while you are traveling, check out the following Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for digital nomads.



Another one of my favorite tools: Skyroam. This is a mobile hotspot that gives you unlimited WIFI anywhere in the world.

In contrast to other mobile hotspots, you don’t need to buy and insert a local SIM card everywhere you go. This device has a kind of a global SIM card that works in more than 130 countries of the world.

You not only get fast data, but also a secured connection due to an integrated VPN. You can connect up to 10 devices and therefore get WIFI for your partner, family or friends, too. You can decide if you want to pay:

  • per month,
  • per data volume or
  • per days that you use it.

For Black Friday, there have some extremely cool deals for you. Just to name a few:

  • You get 50% OFF the 1-month unlimited global data package,
  • 40% OFF the 20 global daypasses package,
  • USD 50 OFF the hotspot devices Solis X and Solis Lite, and
  • 30% OFF the International Traveler Bundle.

And those are only a few of the Black Friday deals! Be sure to head over to Skyroam to find get the best deal for your (future) travel needs!

Skyroam Solis hotspot

If I book short-term accommodation somewhere, I always use For many years now actually. Here are just some of the perks why I love it so much:

  • An incredible variety of hotels, guest houses, hostels, and apartments to choose from
  • The best deals and no booking fees
  • Cancelations are often possible last minute at no fee
  • Their reviews include WIFI quality (super helpful when you need to get work done)

As said, prices are normally extremely good but during Black Friday and Cyber Monday you get to save up to 40% on your bookings around the world.

Head over to to check out places for potential upcoming trips!


House Sitting Websites

Another great way to find accommodation while traveling is house sitting. Here you can stay FOR FREE at someone’s house or apartment while they are gone on holiday or business trips.

In return for the free accommodation, you watch their pets and water their plants. If you love cats, dogs, and any other animals just as much as I do, you will surely love this idea.

And another benefit: You get to live just like a local. It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

My two favorite platforms to find houses to sit are:

With both websites, you pay a relatively small annual fee and get to apply to as many house sitting positions as you like.

At the time of writing, they didn’t have any Black Friday deals online. But make sure to check them out in case they set a deal last minute.

House Sitting Abroad, Long-Term Accommodation for Digital Nomads and Travelers, Free Rent, Pet Sitting, House sitting Opportunities

Nomad List

If you have thought about living in a different country, you may have stumbled upon Nomad List. This is a community of more than 15,000 remote workers around the world. Here are a few benefits of this network:

  • Organized meetups in remote hubs
  • Meeting interesting people for dating of friends
  • Ask questions in their forum and learn from others
  • Research places to live and travel
  • Keep track of your travels

You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership. The yearly membership is USD 99. During the cyber weeks you can get a third plan: Make a one-time payment of USD 74.99 and you’re part of the Nomad List community!


Black Friday Deals for Bloggers and Online Businesses

I know that many of you run a blog, too, or have an online business that requires having a website. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are usually tons of offers for these kinds of services. That’s why I want to show you some of the best and most helpful ones:


A2 Hosting

A2 hosting LogoIf you want to start a blog or build a website, you need to have a hosting service, which is pretty much a parking space on the internet where you can place your site. There are many hosting providers out there but I recommend A2 Hosting.

They are very easy to use for beginners, have great customer support, and are reliable.

Depending on how many websites you want to host with them, prices start from as low as USD 1.99 per month during the cyber weeks. That a discount of 78% as you would normally pay USD 8.99 p.m.

So make sure to not miss this awesome offer and head over to A2 Hosting today!


Divi Theme

Building a blog or website isn’t hard these days. Even I can do it (and I’m most definitely not the most tech-savvy person). The reason why it is so easy is that there are so-called themes that provide a system anyone can use. My favorite one is Divi by Elegant Themes.

Here you don’t need to have any coding skills. You get beautiful pre-made templates that you can use and simply exchange photos and texts. It also comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop method and many easy ways to customize your pages.

If you don’t know how to set up a website on your own, I highly recommend you Divi Theme. Plans are either paid every year or you can get lifetime access.

Starting from November 26th, you won’t only get a discount on their plans, but also get the chance to win more than 15,000 prices, incl. a brand new iMac!

Go to the Divi website now to get the deal!

Divi Theme Black Friday


Pinterest is still one of the biggest sources of traffic for many blogs and websites. But pinning manually can be very time-consuming. I’ve been using the tool Tailwind to schedule pins to my boards for years. Here are your benefits:

  • Save time by scheduling with Auto Post
  • Multiply your reach with perfect-fit hashtags for every post
  • SmartSchedule picks the times when your audience is most engaged
  • Get better at Pinterest with insightful analytics

It’s also good to know that Tailwind is an official Pinterest & Facebook Partner, so you can rest easy knowing your account is safe.

Extra tip: You can also use Tailwind to schedule your posts for Instagram!

To get the incredible Black Friday deal of 50%, you need to start your free trial using this link before November 27th. With this you’ll get 50% off an annual Plus Plan,


Get those Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Now!

As said before, I’m not a fan of brainless consumption and the accumulation of new stuff. But the mentioned products or services are either completely digital or are needed when working online. You can’t go wrong here.  

These Black Friday deals for digital nomads and remote workers are definitely worth looking into and I hope this helped you save some money.

Do you know of any other great deals during cyber months that are of value for nomads? Please let us know in the comments below!

Denise Mai

Denise Mai

Founder of Digital Nomad Soul

Hi, I’m Denise – a travel addict and remote work enthusiast. I have been traveling the world since 2008 and explored, worked, and lived in more than 80 countries. To me, there is nothing better than the freedom and flexibility that comes with a location-independent lifestyle.

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