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17 Easy-to-Write Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

by | Last updated Jan 8, 2021

The secret to writing a great blog post for the first, second, third, and every other time lies in keeping the content engaging, educative, and possibly entertaining. But if you are at the beginning or your blogging career, you might be wondering what to write about. What are some of the really cool and easy-to-write first blog post ideas for beginners?

The answers lie in the sections that follow, and the only way to find out is to read to the end. Let’s dive in now.

Common Examples of Good First Blog Posts

Developing a good first blog post may be challenging, but surely not impossible. Your blog posts should be able to engage, educate, and possibly entertain your readers.  

If you can achieve this, you can rest assured that your readers would be impressed with your posts, engage with it, and re-visit your blog for more quality content.

Generally, there are two central first blog post ideas you can start with. They are:

  • An introduction to your blog
  • The content itself

To be honest, your first blog post does not determine the fate of your blog in the long run (lucky for you). Your follow up posts would be responsible for that.

This is not to say you shouldn’t make your first blog post as fabulous as possible; it just means you shouldn’t have sleepless nights over it!

Let’s expand on the two major examples of good first blog post ideas mentioned above.

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An Introduction to Your Blog

This is the most common first blog post among bloggers. Rightfully so too.

This is because you would want your readers to know exactly what your blog is about and the kind of content they should expect to be getting from you on a daily or weekly basis.

The way you introduce your blog would be greatly determined by its name. If your blog is named according to a specific niche (e.g. the food experts blog), your introduction should state what kind of content readers should expect regarding food.

On a similar note, if your blog’s name is “the fitness guru blog”, you should introduce your blog with lines like – Welcome to the fitness guru blog. Here, you will get daily content on fitness tips and healthy living, ranging from home workouts, outdoor exercise, and the different fitness programs that will enable you to achieve your fitness goal, etc.”.

Your introduction should also state how long you have been in the business of fitness, your challenges at the beginning, and how far you’ve come.

Stating specific or brief details about your journey through the world of fitness will help build trust among your readers. They’ll be more confident that they would be getting credible content from you later on.

If, on the other hand, your blog is named after you, e.g., Brenda’s Blog, then your introduction should be different.

You would have to start with lines like – Hi, my name is Brenda, and I am a….(state what you do).

You should also tell your readers why you do what you do, how long you’ve been doing it, and give them reasons why they should keep checking out your blog (what value your blog can offer them).

Basically, your introduction should do the following –

  • Tell the readers who you are
  • Tell them what you do.
  • Tell them how long you’ve been doing it.
  • Make the reader feel like you are there for them.
  • Give reasons why the readers should follow your blog.
  • Build anticipation and excitement for the next piece of content
  • Build some form of trust

Your introduction should be exciting and have a friendly tone. If it is “cold,” then it would not have the desired effect on the reader!

The advantage of starting your blog with an introduction is that the reader will be absolutely sure of what your blog is about. It will also give them fair knowledge of what to expect if they keep visiting your blog.

The major disadvantage of this is that an introduction on its own isn’t what a reader is looking for from a blog, as this does not help them solve any of their problems or answer any of their questions. They would have to visit again to be convinced that you are credible.


The Content Itself

This is the second example of a good first blog post. Go straight to the point and deliver the content!

While an introduction is ideal, writing the main content itself is another way to go.

The “Fitness Guru Blog,” for instance, instead of kicking off with an introduction, you can start with some informative content as the first post.

Examples include:

  • “5 best workouts for first-time mothers”
  • “5 best workouts for abs”
  • “How to build chest muscles in two weeks”
  • “10 foods to avoid when working on your belly”

The advantage of starting with the content itself is that it can help a reader solve his/her problem or answer the questions that led them to your blog in the first place.

If the content is excellent, then you can be sure they will re-visit.

If you’re going to be using content as your first blog post, then the content must do the following to ensure continuity with your readers.

  • It must be informative.
  • It must answer popular questions in your niche.
  • It must be easy to read and understand
  • The information provided must be accurate (wrong information will destroy trust among your readers)

If you can achieve all the above mentioned with your first piece of content, you stand a better chance of retaining your readers.

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Popular Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

Here are some more blog post ideas for beginners that you should consider for your new blog.


1. Listicles

Readers love scanning through information quickly, and that’s why listicles are great for you.

They are also very easy to research and write, thereby giving you a manageable amount of work to do.

Here are good examples of listicles:

Readers love blog posts like these, as it educates and sometimes entertains them. They are also very intriguing.


2. How-To Blog Posts

This is also very easy to write. All you need to do is research a topic/problem in your niche and describe to your readers how to go about them.

People have many minor problems that they do not know how to handle, and blog posts that teach them how to solve these problems will be warmly welcomed.

It may not even be a problem. Your blog posts could teach them how to do something they weren’t even interested in before. But seeing such posts could prompt them to give it a try.

Examples of how-to blog posts include:

  • “How to knit a scarf,”
  • How to start working remotely,”
  • “How to get girls to like you,”
  • “How to properly dress for a dinner party”.


3. Book Reviews

This is another great blog idea for a beginner because many people buy and read books but won’t want to waste their money purchasing a terrible book.

Your reviews will help tell them which books in your niche are a good read and the ones that aren’t.

Any good books on gardening or fitness? On Digital Nomad Soul you can find a blog post that reviews the best digital nomad books.

This would be more tasking than the blog posts idea mentioned above, being that it requires a lot more research. Although if you’re already a book lover, then you can quickly review the books you’ve already read. 

You can also get reviews from trusted sources and originally rewrite them in your blog post.

Books and laptop

4. Movie Reviews

Like book reviews, movie reviews for your niche will also help your readers decide which movies they should go and see and the ones they should skip.

Everyone loves a good movie, and the fans will be eager to find out which ones are good and the ones that your readers don’t have to watch.

If your niche is travel, there are plenty of good travel movies out there. If you write about personal development, you might also find a few nice movies or documentaries.  

Keep in mind that your reviews are really just your opinion, and everyone can’t have the same. Nonetheless, you should be unbiased with your reviews so you can remain credible with your readers.


5. Tips

Tips help people solve their day-to-day problems and help them improve the quality of their lives. This is a great blog post idea for you.

Examples of these include:


6. Reasons Why

Blog posts like these will help give your readers insights as to why XXX is good or bad for them.

We all have daily habits; some are great, while others are simply terrible! Telling your readers why a particular practice is good or bad for them will open their eyes to specific facts they have ignored for years.

Be sure to state only the facts, especially the ones that can be proven. You should also provide references from trusted sources if need be to further prove that the reasons you are giving them are valid.

Examples include:


7. Controversial Topics

For some reason, controversy sells! It is within our nature to be intrigued by controversial topics or events, so you can take advantage of this and concentrate your blog posts around them.

There is a wide range of controversial topics to choose from in several niches.

Examples of such topics include:

As I mentioned before, people love controversy, and such topics wouldn’t just drive traffic to your blog. It will leave your comment section filled with reader opinions.


8. Personal Stories

This is another great blog post idea for beginners: If you’ve lived an exciting life, then why not tell your story? Or write the story of how you find the love for your niche. Maybe you didn’t like cooking before but then something happened and you changed your mind and now are in love with it.

The same goes for others that have interesting stories to tell about your niche. That could be celebrities, politicians, inventors, authors, or your friend next door. Everyone loves a good story.

Keep in mind that writing a personal story other than yours will require a lot of research, and the information must be as accurate as possible.

Woman writing on laptop

9. Go Against Popular Opinion

There is so much popular opinion flying around society, many of which you must have been hearing in your niche, too. However, not all of them are valid, and you can focus your blog posts on topics like these.

All you have to do is find the ones that have been accepted by most people and give a different view. 

Don’t be afraid to counter the general belief, because as I mentioned earlier, people love controversial topics, and some may even share the same view as you.

If you’re going this route, you have to give valid reasons for countering what most people agree with. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by backing your opinions with facts and numbers.


10. Mission Statement & Goals

You can continuously keep your readers up to date with what’s happening with your blog or business. And you can do this by regularly putting out press releases, mission statements, and your goals for the coming weeks or months.

This is also a fantastic first blog post idea for beginners – a great way to get to know your blog.


11. Product Reviews

You can also make your blog a review platform for products in your niche.

People shop all the time, and they’d like to know the products’ quality before they buy. Doing a review of several products will also give your readers options, as it will expose them to products they may have never come across before.

If you’re a computer person, you could review new products from several computer manufacturers. For example:

In your review, be sure to provide your readers with the critical features of each product. You should also list all the pros and cons just to not come off as biased towards one particular product.


12. Motivational Quotes for Your Niche

There is an audience for every niche, and every now and then, your readers would need some motivation. For this reason, you can try publishing motivational quotes around your niche regularly. 

If you’re running a fitness blog, for instance, you could post motivational quotes such as “no pain, no gain”, or “pay the farmer to avoid paying the pharma”.

Or check out this list on “inspirational and rare travel quotes”.


13. Transcribe Your Podcasts or Videos

If you’re a podcaster or vlogger, then good for you, your job is already half done! The other half would be to transcribe them (convert the visual or audio content into writing).

Go through all your previous videos or recordings, produce them in written format, and then post on your blog. You don’t have to bother about cooking up content ideas because they are already there. Just make them readable.

Check out this guide on how to turn your podcast episodes into blog posts by Sara Bussandri.

14. Question & Answer or FAQs

In your niche of choice, there are many questions to be asked and many answers to be given. This is why a Q & A or FAQ post is great.

This will help your readers quickly find answers to many lingering questions they would have.

If you’re into farming, you could post FAQs like:

  • “What are the best tools for harvesting potatoes?”
  • “How long do I have to wait to harvest newly planted oranges?”


15. Comparison Posts

This is quite similar to product reviews. The main difference being that a product review might focus on just one product, while a comparison would feature at least two.

Such posts help readers decide which product or service they should go for between two favorites.

Examples of comparison posts include:


16. Giveaway Announcements

You may decide to reward your most consistent visitors or new subscribers with a small give away. It could be with a free product you sell or a service.

You could write a blog post announcing the giveaway, as well as what your readers need to do to qualify.

An example of a giveaway announcement includes:

  • Free e-book on how to earn money while working from home for 10 most active visitors on my blog”. 


17. Guest Posts

You don’t necessarily need to be the only one writing for your blog. You can invite others who are knowledgeable in your niche to contribute their knowledge.

You may be responsible for crafting the topic or you could leave it to them. As long as the posts provide value to your readers, then it’s a great idea.

An example of a guest post includes:

  • 10 ways to enjoy retirement – written by XXX”.



Blogging is one of several means by which you can earn a living while working from home or even while you’re traveling. Over the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of bloggers worldwide, and there is still more than enough room for you!

I trust this article on blog post ideas for beginners has been helpful for you to start your very own blog.

If you’re already in the business of blogging and you have other great blog post ideas, then kindly share your thoughts via the comment section.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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This blog post was written by one of Digital Nomad Soul’s content creators. Stay tuned to get more information on the team’s guest writers soon!

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