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Guest Post By: Emilie Blum


So it’s that time of the year again where you are asked to make New Year’s resolutions! Maybe for you, it would be to tick off a number of places that you would like to visit this year, or to grow your business activity whilst having your feet in the sand. But there is one goal that would be very useful and worth putting on your to-do list: taking care of your digital business presence.


Because in 2018 it’s time to take a big step into the tech world and be visible! As digital nomads, it is important to be seen on all fronts, even if our activity isn’t digital. Who knows, you may be missing out on awesome clients that wouldn’t have known about you because you weren’t present online.

To get you started and all pumped up for the opportunities that the new year brings, check out these New Year’s resolutions that will help you take care of your online presence.

Digital Business Presence, Digital Nomad, Heek, Online Presence

#1: I will update my online presence

You may have heard about this one way too often: when you are running a business, it is essential that you are found on the web. And it’s true! With over 3 billion people connected on the web, it’s important to be visible.

But have you put much thought into how you were doing with your online presence? Sure, it’s great to have social media profiles, but are you truly active on these platforms? Do you have a website or a blog? Have you updated it in the last months?

If the answer to these questions is “no”, take the opportunity of 2018 to make it a habit to take care of your online presence!


Because your online reputation is crucial to the visibility of your growing business activity. When people search for you and what you offer, if you have an outdated profile, chances are they will think that you are no longer in activity or that you aren’t very successful in what you do. Prove them wrong!

This is why being active and visible online shows that you are doing well and that you are available if someone would like to contact you.

If you have no idea where to even begin making a website, you can have a look at Heek! All you have to do is chat with the little robot and be guided throughout the process of building your very own professional website.


#2: I will promote my services loud and clear

In parallel to improving your online presence, 2018 should be about promoting your services. When you are travelling the world, you will meet new people and new situations on a daily basis. It’s therefore a good idea to promote your services and what you do as best as you can!


Communicate, communicate, communicate! It is difficult to stand out from the crowd when you are in an extremely competitive market, but it is important to the growth of your business.

Whether that is on social networks, newsletters, street marketing, blog, event participation…

Show that you exist!

The more that you are present on different communication channels and supports, the more that you will be able to be at the top of minds of potential clients.Remember, it’s not just up to customers to find you, but it’s also up to you to go find them! This doesn’t mean that you have to be spammy and always talk about your work, but make sure that it’s sufficiently visible and that people know what it is that you do.

If needed, take a few online courses to see how best you can promote your services online – whether that is through paid advertisement, SEO, blogging or social media.

Digital Business Presence, Digital Nomad, Heek, Online Presence

#3: I will learn something new and challenging

Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with taking care of your digital business presence. Well…everything! Allowing yourself to learn something new on a regular basis helps you make your business activity much stronger and more successful. Not only that, but it will equally nourish you personally.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to try something else as we are caught up in what we are doing. But when we make the time to think about learning something new on a regular basis, we open up our horizons and opportunities to further grow.

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to be both the “oil and the motor”. Read, travel, be curious and learn as much as you can from your environment. You will gain a lot from it personally and professionally.

Moreover, when you make it a goal to keep learning, if you find obstacles, challenges or even if, unfortunately, some ideas just don’t make it, you will learn to grow from them.

Nothing will become a failure, everything will be about making the most out of all of your experiences.


#4: I will delegate my tasks to experts

Sometimes when you are running your own business, you tend to be so consumed by it, that you forget to breathe or miss out on important opportunities. Other times, you believe that you should learn to do everything on your own.

It is time to learn how to delegate a few of your work tasks to someone. Make the year 2018 the year where you will get a helping hand for your projects! What’s great about being a digital nomad and being able to work from wherever in the world (provided that there is internet connection), is that you can hire someone that is also a digital nomad and that understands the same business problematics as yourself!

If you are not very tech-savvy and need a helping hand to get your business going strong online and to have a great digital presence, ask someone that has great skills in SEO, online marketing or social media to help you out.

It is always a good idea to have someone external to help in order to be able to focus on the bigger picture. A good website to look for freelancers who have specific skills that you are searching for is Upwork – it’s the greatest network to find some extra help!

The more space you allow to free up in your agenda, the more you will be able to concentrate on what is important for your business. Working with someone that has great online skills will help you get your digital presence to the next level.

Digital Business Presence, Digital Nomad, Heek, Online Presence

#5: I will be on the lookout for trends

 In order to have a great online presence for your activity, make it a habit to put some time aside to look out for trends and opportunities.

When you are a digital nomad, you will be competing with quite a lot of people and organizations in order to get new clients or opportunities. It is thus important to always stay ahead of the game.

Browse through the web to see what trends people are following these days, network as much as you can to be visible. Make a list of a few blogs and media that are in the field of your work and which you like to read so that you can interesting news and inspiration.

You can even create alerts on Google or on Mention regarding topics that you want to follow so that you don’t have to waste time stressing about having to be on the lookout. Another awesome tool is feedly – an application that allows you to organize, read and share information. you can use it on your computer, or download it on your phone.

When you are on the lookout for trends, you will find it easier to develop new ideas to help grow your business.


#6: I will balance my time

Finally, not only should you take care of your digital business presence, but you should also take care of yourself!

In order to have a strong and running business activity for 2018, make sure that you spend enough time to think about your needs. There are many different stories out there which talk about entrepreneurs burning out without them seeing it coming. Learn from these stories to make sure that you balance out time for yourself.

When you make space in your schedule to dedicate it to yourself and to not think about your work, it will help you be more productive and more serene. It’s not something selfish to want to have some time for yourself. Just because you are not working at an office desk from 9 to 5, does not mean that you are not overworking. Chances are, you are working even harder than those that are at their desks, but you can’t see it because you are in charge of your schedule.

Find an activity that you will stick to on a regular basis. Be it meditation, yoga, sports, walking, painting, dancing, reading…anything that rocks your boat! Life is too short to waste it on unnecessary negative energy and bad health.


Digital Business Presence, Digital Nomad, Heek, Online PresenceAbout the Author:
Emilie is an international world traveller who loves the small things in life. She currently works for, a website that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners make their own website through chat.



Digital Business Presence, Digital Nomad, Heek, Online Presence