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12 Digital Nomad Dating Apps – How to Date as a Digital Nomad?

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2022

Dating as a digital nomad is hard. You are constantly on the move, travel a lot, and oftentimes don’t work the usual 9 to 5. Although, the digital nomad lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, finding love is still tricky. Luckily, there are quite a few digital nomad dating apps that help you find your nomad soulmate (or whatever you’re after).

This article gives you helpful tips on how to date as a digital nomad, lists some of the most popular apps for singles in general, and shows you the best dating apps specifically made for digital nomads and travelers.


Best Digital Nomad Dating Apps

Just one note before we jump in: There have been sooo many digital nomad dating apps out there in the past few years, it’s crazy. Unfortunately, most of them disappear again after a year or two for different reasons. Either the founders struggle to fund the project or they fail to find enough users or they face too many legal or technical issues.

I try my best to keep this list updated. But if you find any of these apps are not working anymore, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks a bunch! :)


Digital Nomad Dating Apps

Let’s first look into apps and websites that are particularly helpful when you are a digital nomad:


1. Nomad Soulmates

Nomad Soulmates is probably the most popular digital nomad dating site. To get the app with more than 23,000 singles worldwide, you have to sign up at the website and then get an invitation. The app is specifically designed for all kinds of remote workers, global citizens, and digital nomads.

Additionally, you can join the fairly active Nomad Soulmate Facebook group with more than 15,000 members. Here you can introduce yourself to the community and see if you are crossing paths with someone you might find interesting.

In this group, the founder Aline also organizes live events, like speed dating or dinner events, where you can meet like-minded singles in person.

Nomad Soulmates


2. Miss Travel

The website Miss Travel describes itself as “the leading online dating site for those with a passion for travel.” That definitely sounds right for digital nomads.

On the platform, there are more than 680,000 registered travel lovers. The way it works is similar to other dating platforms: You register, create a profile, and, ideally, connect with your ideal travel companion. The platform also allows you to create trips so others can see where you’ll be and can ask you to join.

Please note that there is a fee if you opt for the premium membership, which starts at $39.95 per month.

Miss Travel


3. Fairytrail

Fairytrail is another digital nomad dating app with more than 30,000 registered adventure lovers. Here you can meet other remote workers, frequent travelers, digital nomads, or van-lifers.

The approach is, again, similar to the other dating apps for travelers: You create a profile and pick places or upcoming adventures. If your match picks the same, you get connected. Now you can chat and video call to get to know each other.

The app is not entirely free. However, the entrance fee (as they call it) is a one-time payment of only $3, which is reasonable.



4. TourBar

TourBar is definitely one of the biggest digital nomad dating apps on this list. According to the website, more than 1,000,000 members are looking for travel buddies and nomad soulmates. The app itself is free but there are in-app purchases available. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a local and want to show travelers around your city, or if you are a traveler yourself and want to connect with like-minded people. The app has much potential to make friends and find love.

I like that they offer a “verified user process”. For this, you have to take a picture of yourself, upload a photo of your ID, and provide a mobile number. This makes the app much safer to use and you can’t fall for fake accounts.

By the way: Check out this article to get more safety tips for solo female travelers.



5. Nomad List

You may have heard of the website Nomad List before. Here you can connect with others in your current city and can check hundreds of locations around the world for living costs, WIFI quality, and much more. Right now, there are about 38,000 members in the Nomad List community.

On top of that, the platform now offers the Nomad List Dating App. The concept is very similar to Tinder: Create a profile with photos and your interests and swipe right if you like a person and left if you don’t. You can also switch between “dating” and “friends”.

Again the info: Nomad List is not free to use. The membership fee is a one-time payment of $200.

Nomad List Dating App


6. TravelMeetDate

While the intention of this app is similar to the before mentioned, the approach is slightly different. TravelMeetDate helps its users to meet other single travelers on their flights and at hotels in their travel destination.

Here you can post your flight details and see if there is somebody on the same flight you might want to connect with. If you hit it off, you can book your seats next to each other to see how you connect in real life.

I’m not sure if there are actually enough people registered on this app to make it work but the idea sure sounds interesting.


General Dating Apps

Of course, you cannot only use digital nomad dating apps but also normal dating apps to connect with others while traveling.

Just note that, unless you’re willing to settle down in that area, you should probably mention that you are only passing through and not going to stay forever. These apps are mostly used by locals who might get their hopes up and are disappointed when you leave after a few weeks. So be fair and play with open cards if you don’t plan on staying longer.


7. Tinder/Grindr

I don’t think I need to say much on Tinder and its little brother Grindr, the same dating app but for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. These are by far the largest and most common dating apps out there.

Create a profile, swipe left and right, chat, connect or delete the match. A simple concept that enables you to check out hundreds of people within minutes.

However, the free apps come with downsides, too. Due to a large number of users, there are also plenty of fake accounts, scammers, and time-wasters.



8. Bumble

Bumble is surely one of the biggest competitors of Tinder. The concept is pretty much the same: Create a profile, swipe, and match.

The only twist here is that, once you have a match, the woman needs to text the guy first. If she fails to do so within 24 hours, the match is deleted. If she texts the guy, he also gets 24 hours to reply. If he doesn’t, no match anymore.

The ensures that you don’t only collect dozens of matches (as is often the case with Tinder) but have to chat with them if you are interested.



9. Skout

Skout isn’t necessarily a dating app but an app to make friends all over the world.

One of the main features that are different from other apps is the live broadcasting function. With this, you can broadcast yourself or watch others’ streams. This makes it easier to see if you would connect.

You can also see who checked you out, get updates from users near you, and can save your favorite users. The main priority here is to connect with like-minded people and find new friends. If that turns into a romantic relationship – even better!



10. OkCupid

OkCupid is probably one of the oldest dating apps on the market and has been around since 2004. That does not mean it addresses more senior singles. Quite the opposite. I don’t have any statistics on the users’ age range. But judging from the marketing, the app is mainly speaking to younger folks in the twenties (correct me if I’m wrong!).

Anyway, the approach here is to help people find love through an algorithm, that matches you on what actually matters. That means, upon signing up, you are asked questions on the things you care about, for instance, how much you value humor in a partner.

Then the app finds people that you are compatible with based on these characteristics and interests. That approach definitely sounds promising.




Will I ever get tired of talking about Probably not.

As previously stated in my article on how to make friends as a digital nomad, Meetup is a great way to connect with like-minded people all around the world.

Here you can join groups (for free) on all kinds of different interests, for instance, “Digital Nomads in London”, “Hiking around Vancouver”, “Yoga Enthusiasts Bali”, “Cocktail Nights Berlin”, or “Melbourne Singles”.

These groups organize regular events that you can join to meet up in real-life, enlarge your social circle, make new friends, or even find your nomad soulmate.



12. Facebook Groups

I could list countless more dating apps here, like Hinge, eharmony, or match. But then this list would get absolutely out of control. That’s why I only want to give you one more lead: Facebook groups.

Yes, you can also connect with like-minded people in good old Facebook groups. Besides the already mentioned Nomad Soulmates group, there are also plenty of others dedicated to digital nomads. For instance, Digital Nomads, Lisbon Digital Nomads & Expats, or Digital Nomads Around the World.

You can also check out more local groups. Search for something like “New to [Berlin]” or “Singles in [Barcelona]” or “Make Friends in [New York]”. Whatever your current or future location is, there is probably a Facebook group in town that helps you meet others.

Happy couple sightseeing in street

Additional Tips on Digital Nomad Dating

Alright, those were some of the most popular digital nomad dating apps out there. But all the apps in the world cannot help you find love if you are getting the basics wrong. So make sure you also check out the following tips on how to date as a digital nomad:

Although I’ve said before that you should also be honest and tell the other person that you are a nomad, you shouldn’t do so in the first sentence. If they are locals and are not familiar with the lifestyle, it might scare them off if you tell them you are basically homeless, live out of a backpack, and don’t have a visa to stay longer than 30 days. So be sensitive and allow them to get used to the idea step by step.

Don’t rely on digital nomad apps only. Make sure you join digital nomad events and locations, too. For instance, check out travel fairs, meetups, or work from coworking spaces. That’s a great way to meet other remote workers. Another idea is to stay in coliving spaces and share a house with other nomads. Or go on organized digital nomad programs to meet others.

It’s also important that you stay flexible with your plans. If you meet a local who would be perfect but is not ready to travel, yet, maybe you could stay for a little longer. See, how things develop and if he or she can get a remote job and become a digital nomad to come with you.

Or if a fellow nomad wants to travel to Brazil next while you want to go to Mexico – that doesn’t have to be the end of a potential love story. Maybe you can compromise or you are open to changing your plans?

The same goes for your intentions and expectations. Be open to new cultures and the idea of dating locals. Only because they don’t work online and travel the world doesn’t necessarily mean that you couldn’t be a great match. Yes, it makes things easier if your current lifestyles are the same. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t compromise in the future.

On top of that, don’t try too hard. Often enough, love finds us when we expect it. If you meet a nice person but end up being only friends, that’s absolutely ok! No need to be frustrated. Or maybe you have a travel buddy who you only consider as a friend but eventually, this turns into something more than that. Make it a priority to meet amazing people and take it from there.

Digital Nomad Dating Apps - Romantic Couple

How to Date as a Digital Nomad

As you can see, there are plenty of digital nomad apps, websites, and Facebook groups out there that help you connect with like-minded people. Some of these tools work great for some people, while they don’t do anything for others. Maybe you have to test around a bit to see what approach works best for you.

But besides all of these tools, don’t forget to go out and meet in person. Be open to making new friends and travel buddies. Be flexible enough to make changes and change plans if necessary. And most of all, have fun! Dating itself can be hard enough. Dating as a digital nomad is even harder. But with a positive mindset, you are much more likely to attract your nomad soulmate.

Denise Mai

Denise Mai

Founder of Digital Nomad Soul

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! My name is Denise and I have been working online for more than 10 years. In the past, I worked as a remote employee and freelancer & managed to build a six-figure online business. I know that many others would love to work from home or work while traveling, too. That’s why I want to share my experience and help you on your way to your remote career!

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