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If there is anything that a digital nomad cannot live without then it’s internet. No internet, no work, no money. Especially when you are moving places quite frequently and visit regions of the world without a decent network, it can be a nightmare to get WIFI access. That’s when the portable hotspot Skyroam Solis comes into play. This device gives you great internet connection wherever you are. I have been using it for a while now and want to share my experience with you. Read the following Skyroam review to find out if this mobile WIFI access is the right choice for you.

What is Skyroam Global Hotspot?

The portable internet device Skyroam Solis functions as a global internet hotspot and provides a fast and secure WIFI access wherever you are in the world. There are no subscriptions, instead you pay a flat daily rate for the days you need it.


How Does Skyroam Work?

It is super easy to use! Simply press start on the Skyroam hotspot and connect your phone, laptop or tablet with the device. You can buy and activate your day passes anytime and thus get unlimited internet anywhere for 24 hours.

*Update: Skyroam now offers monthly passes, as well, at a fantastic rate! This saves you a whole lot of money, if you need to use it frequently.


How To Buy Skyroam Passes?

You can buy daypasses and monthly passes online at any time on your account site.


What Makes Skyroam Solis So Special?

It’s the patented virtual SIM technology, which works as followed: Skyroam has huge racks of SIM cards in offices around the world. Once you get to your destination country, your device picks a free card over the air and connects with it. The built in GPS allows to identify its location and lets you benefit immediately from new Skyroam partnerships.

There is no need to carry local SIM cards around with you anymore. It’s a bit of a revolution, so to say. Kudos to the Skyroam team for this brilliant idea!


Where Does It Work?

Skyroam works in more than 130 countries all around the world. If you are looking for a specific country you plan to travel to, check out the list below. These are the places where you can definitely get mobile WIFI access with the global hotspot:


Keep in mind that they constantly add new countries. So if you can’t find the counntry you want to go to in the lit above, check with Skyroam’s website directly to see the up-to-date version.Skyroam Solis hotspot

Looking At The Technical Details

Ok, now that you know the basics, let’s look at the review of Skyroam’s technical details and features and my experience with it.


The Device

The device itself is quite small, about the size of a deck cards but round.

The Skyroam global hotspot box comes with battery, micro USB cable and instructions.


SIM Card

That’s the great thing about Skyroam: You don’t need to worry about SIM cards at all. No need to constantly buy local cards and change them. The device is all set up and ready to go wherever you are. So simple!



The fully-charged battery lasts up to 16 hours according to Skyroam. I have to admit that my Skyroam usually needs recharging after about 12-14 hours. But it charges really quick via USB cable, so that has never been a problem to me.

I have heard of people where it lasted up to 18 hours, which is pretty impressive. I guess that depends on factors like how many devices are connected and such.


Power Bank

Believe it or not but the Skyroam Solis comes with an integrated power bank! The embedded 6000 mAhv battery charges your phone, ebook reader or any other gadget when you don’t have any electricity around. Super handy!


Wi-Fi Connection

You can connect up to 5 devices to Skyroam. I usually use it for my smartphone and my laptop and it works perfectly fine. Occasionally, I share it with a friend or travel buddy – whoever is in need of WIFI access ;) I haven’t had any problem with multiple connections so far.



Skyroam provides WIFI access to the fastest network globally and speeds up to 4G LTE. This can vary slightly depending on the country you are in and the local data network.

You have unlimited data, no cutoffs and no speed reductions.

My personal experience is that the connection is very fast. I’ve never encountered any problems with the speed, nowhere. I don’t play online games but only do emails, social media, Skype, YouTube etc. For that it works perfectly fine.



You need an extra password to get WIFI access with your phone or laptop. This password can only be found in the settings of your Skyroam device. This closed connection helps prevent malware infections and data loss. Much better than the free connections you can get in any cafés, bars or shopping malls.

Skyroam Review: My Personal Goods

I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about getting local SIM cards and find out which provider has the better deals and stuff. No special accessories, permission or anything like that is needed. You simply activate a daypass and on you go. It is so easy to use!

Moreover, I love that you don’t have to pay for the days when you don’t need it. I don’t need a global hotspot every day so an expensive subscription or membership would not be a waste of money for me.

What’s more, the unlimited data volume without reductions is a great feature. You can definitely make the most of your 24-hour pass.


Skyroam Review: My Personal Bads

Since Skyroam connects to local service providers in each country, the quality of the connectivity depends on these providers, too. Means: If your destination country has only terrible internet provider, your WIFI access via Skyroam won’t be great either.

The only country where I’ve had a fairly slow connection was Venezuela. It was still alright to do emails and social media but surely not top speed. (I believe I went there just after they started operating in Venezuela. So maybe it improved there by now.)


The Prices

You have two options:

1. Option

Buy the Skyroam global hotspot device for only 149.99 USD.
– Get one day free WIFI access.
– Pay 9 USD for the days you need it


2. Option

Rent the Skyroam global hotspot device for free.
– Pay 9.95 USD per rental day


If you only go on a short trip and will never need it again after that, you will surely be ok with renting the device. I personally, wouldn’t want to deal with shipping and return and things like that. When you travel quite a bit (or have a fairly long trip planned) it is surely worth buying the device.

Who Needs it?

Now the question: Do YOU need the Skyroam global hotspot?

If you are planning to go to one country, let’s say Indonesia, and you want to stay there for the next couple of months, then the answer is NO. It is probably cheaper to get a local SIM card in Indonesia and pay for your data to the local provider.

If you are planning to travel to several countries, let’s say a trip around Europe or Southeast Asia, then the answer is a big fat YES. It is so much easier if you don’t have to deal with different SIM cards all the time. All you have to do is switch on your Skyroam global hotspot and you have instant WIFI access. This will save you time, nerves, and money.

Even if you are currently not planning too many trips it might be worth getting. You only pay for the days you need it so it’s a great idea to have it as a backup plan for spontaneous trips.


The Alternatives

The alternative to a Skyroam global hotspot is to go and buy local SIM cards in each of your destination countries to get mobile WIFI access. These cards can be used in your phone or in another portable hotspot.

Here you can find a list with the 5 best mobile hotspots on the market right now.

Please keep in mind, that it is not always that easy to find prepaid or pay-as-you-go SIM cards. Sometimes you only get little data and it can be way more expensive than Skyroam, which has unlimited data.

Another downside is that when you want to use local SIM cards in your phone, your phone needs to be unlocked. Sometimes you will have to reconfigure settings on your phone, e.g. set up apps, like WhatsApp, for your new number etc. That can be super annoying.

Is Skyroam Solis Worth The Money?

As you can probably tell from my Skyroam review, I’m in love with this device. The idea of having a global hotspot is just genius. No need to buy local SIM cards anymore and deal with the setup.

The WIFI access via Skyroam is super easy, secure and hassle-free. Sure, it might get a bit pricy if you wanted to use it every day. But if you only use it on special occasions or in emergencies, it’s a great gadget that can save you a lot money.

So YES, to me the Skyroam Solis global hotspot is absolutely worth the money and I couldn’t imagine a trip without it anymore.

I hoped this Skyroam review helped you figuring out if you should buy it, too. If so, head over to their website now and enjoy the limited time offer of a free daypass! Don’t miss this deal!


What is your favorite way to get mobile WIFI access while traveling? Have you any experiences with the Skyroam global hotspot, yet?

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