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29 High-Paying Remote Jobs that Make $60,000+

by | Last updated Aug 8, 2021

Many people want to work from home but are afraid they have to sacrifice their career and a decent income. But not all online jobs are at entry-level and pay a minimum wage. In fact, there are many high-paying remote jobs out there, that pay much more than USD 60,000 per year. Check out the following list to see if there’s a job you would enjoy doing remotely and how you can find a high-paying job online.

Most Popular High-Paying Remote Jobs

Just to be clear: A job that pays that well won’t be an entry-level job. They usually require specialized skills and experience, often leading a team, too.

If you are working in one of the following jobs already, that’s awesome! You “only” have to make the switch to a remote working style.

If you come from a different background and you want one of these high-paying remote jobs, you will have to put in the work and learn the necessary skills.

Yes, this might not always be easy but it is absolutely worth it! You get to enjoy all the benefits of working from home and get paid extremely well.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most popular remote jobs with an annual salary of $60,000 or more!

Note: The estimated annual salaries are sourced from Glassdoor, PayScale, ZipRecruiter, and FlexJobs.

1. Actuarial Analyst

Estimated Salary: $100,000 to $125,000

Oftentimes, actuarial analysts work in the insurance sector. Here they calculate financial risks associated with insurance policies, analyze high-cost events, such as hurricanes or terror attacks, and create individual policies for customers.

You will need a statistical background or a finance degree to work as an actuarial analyst.

2. Art Director

Estimated Salary: $76,000 to $101,000

If you have a degree in art or a related area and sufficient work experience, you can work from home as an art director. Here you are responsible for overseeing the visual style and tone of publications like websites, magazines, or product packaging.

Your tasks include conceptualizing the visual direction, managing graphic designers, or presenting designs to clients.

3. Attorney

Estimated Salary: $72,000 to $102,000

As an attorney, you will probably never run out of work. You will need to provide legal support and assistance to clients, are responsible for case management or depositions. While there are some tasks that require you to appear in court, there are many others that can be done online, e.g. consultation.

4. Business Analyst

Estimated Salary: $78,000 to $93,000

As the name says, you will be responsible for planning, conducting, and analyzing all types of initiatives your company takes on. Therefore, you need a proven history of technical expertise in developing systems and procedures. As with most jobs, the more experience you bring along, the higher your potential income.

5. Business Development Jobs

Estimated Salary: $71,000 to $131,000

A business developer helps a company by researching leads, finding new opportunities, and establishing relationships with potential partners or clients. This is particularly important due to the constant increase in global competition.

If you are experienced and skilled this could be a great job that can be done from home and pays well.

6. Clinical Trial Manager

Estimated Salary: $75,000 to $131,000

Most, if not all, of the tasks of a clinical manager, can be done remotely today. For instance, you need to recruit patients for trials, organize the process, and ensure safety standards compliance. Since you also have to review results and make changes to the structure of the trial if necessary, medical knowledge and education are essential.

7. Cloud Architect

Estimated Salary: $71,000 to $160,000

As the name title says, a cloud architect is responsible for the cloud computing strategy of a company. This includes application design, managing, and monitoring the strategy. Therefore, this job requires knowledge of operating systems, programming languages, and cloud security.

Experienced cloud architects who are also responsible for leading teams can make up to $160,000 per year.

8. Controller

Estimated Salary: $125,000 to $150,000

More and more controlling roles are offered on a remote basis. If you have an accounting or financial management background and are experienced in steering financial strategies, happy to make significant decisions, can establish policies, and manage procedures, you can easily make a six-figure salary.

9. Customer Success Engineer

Estimated Salary: $71,000 to $104,000

This might sound like a normal customer support job but it’s not. For this role, you also must have excellent phone and email communication skills. On top of this, you also need to have a thorough understanding of the technical and engineering parts of the product or company you are working for.

10. Data Analyst

Estimated Salary: $115,000 to $135,000

As a data analyst, you are responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of raw data. The company you are working for will then use this data to build strategies or make vital business decisions.

This is definitely not the right job for everyone. But if you have a background in IT and are happy to make sense of countless numbers and data, you can make a great income from this job.

11. Development Operations Manager

Estimated Salary: $71,000 to $105,000

This job involves duties like building and managing applications that are database-driven. If you have documented skills and proven experience in the development operations industry, this is the perfect job for you to switch to a home office.

Lady working remotely

12. District Sales Manager

Estimated Salary: $75,000 to $95,000

If you are experienced in expanding the customer base and generating new businesses by developing sales reps, being a district sales manager can make you a very nice income. As with many other sales positions, too, your salary might dependent on hitting certain targets.

13. Finance Director

Estimated Salary: $81,000 to $161,000

Finance directors are often responsible for managing financial control functions, overseeing the financial department, establishing budgets, or generating reports. You will usually need a master’s degree in finance or similar, such as business or economics.

14. Front-End Developer

Estimated Salary: $61,000 to $108,000

The main objective of a front-end developer is to make sure that the visual elements of a website are correct and users can navigate the page with ease. This requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and sometimes visual design experiences, like SQL, PHP, or Ruby.

15. Information Security Manager

Estimated Salary: $110,000 to $130,000

Data and security fraud is an issue even for the smallest businesses out there. No surprise that there is a high demand for experts, who can manage security strategies, test systems, and run risk assessments. Since the work is of technical nature, being an information security manager can oftentimes be done remotely.

16. IT Manager

Estimated Salary: $85,000 to $145,000

IT manager is a very broad term and can, thus, include many different tasks. You need tangible experience working with the required systems and programs. If you can prove a successful history, you can make a lot of money working from home.

17. Marketing Manager

Estimated Salary: $69,000 to $95,000

No business without marketing. And again, this is a great job that can be done remotely. Duties, like designing and executing campaigns, developing a marketing plan, or managing other team members, can easily be done online. You don’t necessarily need to have a university degree but definitely a few years of experience to qualify for this payment level.

18. Medical Director

Estimated Salary: $130,000 to $140,000

Yes, even jobs in the medical industry qualify for remote work. Medical directors usually work for health care companies and lead teams in specific management roles, e.g. at a hospital. If you are interested in this kind of career, you need to have a degree in health care management or anything related and be board certified.

19. Mobile Developer

Estimated Salary: $60,000 to $113,000

if you want to find a high-paying job online, most IT jobs will work. Mobile development jobs pay very well for experienced professionals. As a mobile developer, your main objective is creating apps for mobile devices and fixing bugs or glitches. Needless to say that you need to have a solid understanding of iOS or Android, as well as expertise in Mac or PC operating systems.

20. Privacy Officer

Estimated Salary: $125,000 to $150,000

With privacy laws getting stricter all over the world, there is a higher demand for privacy officers who ensure companies are compliant. Tasks involve conducting audits and risk assessments and handling privacy issues and breaches. A background in a technical and/or legal field is helpful for this position.

21. Project Manager

Estimated Salary: $67,000 to $145,000

If you have a solid background in managing complex projects, keeping them on track and leading teams, you could make great money as a project manager. Popular industries that are open for remote positions and that pay well for experienced project managers are, for instance, construction, finance, information services, or manufacturing.

Man remotely working on laptop

22. Psychiatrist

Estimated Salary: $180,000 to $290,000

There will always be people who want to talk to a professional about their mental health and personal issues. On top of it, most (if not all) tasks of a psychiatrist can be performed online and via video call, such as counseling, guidance, and writing treatment programs. Doctors can even prescribe drugs online today.

23. Software Developer

Estimated Salary: $85,000 to $121,000

Software developers are true pioneers when it comes to remote work. If you are great at troubleshooting and resolving software issues, like to develop products and perform system updates, this might be a great job for you.

24. Software Engineer

Estimated Salary: $125,000 to $175,000

The technology industry has many remote jobs to offer. One of the most popular ones is definitely being a software engineer. If you work in a senior position, this job can be extremely profitable. As a senior software engineer, you are often responsible for a software design team. Besides leadership qualities, you should also be experienced in research, analysis, implementation, and monitoring of a software development process.

25. Teleradiologist

Estimated Salary: $100,000 to $180,000

This is another medical job that can be done from home. As a teleradiologist, you will view x-rays and report your findings to your patients or doctors. Although, there are not too many remote jobs in this field, yet, it is on the rise and work-from-home opportunities are becoming more and more accepted.

26. User Experience Researcher

Estimated Salary: $85,000 to $125,000

Are you experienced in UX other similar fields? Then you can make great money working online as a user experience researcher. Your main task will be to translate the needs of the company’s users into requirements so that product and marketing managers can work with them.

27. UX Architect

Estimated Salary: $95,000 to $120,000

A UX architect is a bit of a combination between a developer and a designer and requires a strong understanding of user functionality and programming. Here you are responsible for the layout and the conceptualization of a website in order to maximize the user experience.

28. Vice President of Sales

Estimated Salary: $110,000 to $150,000

Sales positions, in general, have much potential for high earnings. When you work at a vice president level, it’s clear that your income is much above average. You usually lead a team or an entire apartment of salespeople and are, amongst others, responsible for the strategic decisions of sales matters.

29. Copy Writer

Estimated Salary: $60,000 to $100,000

It’s no big news that you can easily work from home as a writer. But making a big salary with it? Yes, if you focus on a specific niche, are able to deliver high-end quality and get well-paying clients, like large companies or advertising agencies, your earning potential is much higher.

How to find high-paying jobs online?

Now that you know what kind of job you should look for, you need to learn where you can find them. There are several options:

High-Paying Remote Jobs Platforms

High-paying remote jobs on flexjobsThere are plenty of online job boards out there, for instance, Upwork,, or Fiverr. However, due to the high competition, it can be hard to find a well-paid position on these platforms. That’s why I recommend FlexJobs. Here you will find online part-time and full-time jobs, all hand-selected, with reputable companies, such as Apple, Dell, American Red Cross, or SAP. Chances are much higher to score a high-paying remote job on FlexJobs.

Direct Approach

Do your research to learn which companies are known to be remote-friendly. Check out their career pages to see if there is an open position for your desired job. If so, go ahead and apply. If not, you could still send out an unsolicited application, telling them how they would benefit from your skills. After all, there is nothing to lose.


Networking can always lead to some great opportunities. Knowing someone personally and trusting this person also often leads to bigger income opportunities. Great places to network are, for instance, industry conferences or events, LinkedIn, Meetups, or social media, like Facebook Groups.

Remote Jobs with Annual Salary of $60,000 or More – It Is Possible!

As you can see, all of these high-paying remote jobs require very specific skills and solid experience in the respective field. If you already have a background in any of these jobs, that’s awesome! All you have to do now is finding (or creating!) a way of doing your job online.

If you don’t have the necessary qualification, don’t give up! It’s never too late to learn something new. You could do online courses, get a degree, and start small to gain experiences so you will later be able to qualify for higher earnings.

In case none of the before-mentioned high-paying remote jobs are of interest to you, you could also do something completely different. For instance, come up with a profitable business idea and revolutionize the market. Your income options would literally be endless. Or specialize in your passion, become an expert for a profitable niche, and sell your services at a high-end price.

There are many options to find high-paying jobs online. Thankfully, you don’t need to be in an office anymore to make a high income. High-Paying Remote jobs offer just the same, if not more, possibilities.

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