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Home Office Online Course

Start Mastering Your Remote Job!

High-Paying Remote Jobs

Skyrocket your productivity and get more done in less time!

Communicate more efficiently with your remote team!

Stop feeling lonely and get regular social interaction!

Take care of your mental and physical health the right way!

Learn how to make the most out of your home office job!

Are you suffering from the following remote work issues?

You are busy all day but don’t really get much work done.

You want to be more productive so you can finish your work earlier.

You are frustrated with exhausting miscommunication between you and your team.

You feel lonely when working from home and miss social interactions.

You suffer from unhealthy eating habits and poor movement in your home office.

80% of remote professionals experience LESS WORK-RELATED STRESS.

Do you want to become one of them?

Is it possible to turn these potential challenges of remote work into actual advantages?

Yes, it is!

Remote work can be great fun. You only need to know how to make the best of it.

I am convinced that EVERYONE can become a true remote work rockstar.

What stops you from working from home successfully?

This is why most people think they cannot work remotely:

I can’t focus on my work when working from home.

If you are new to remote work you might be afraid that your productivity will suffer when you are not working in an office. But in fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Many statistics show that people are even more productive when working outside of their office! Once you are settled into your new working environment and implemented all of the remote work tips that these professionals use, you will find that there are fewer distractions in your home office.

You will be able to get more done in less time and thus have more time for yourself!

I’m not tech-savvy enough to be able to work from home.

Today there are many tools, apps, and devices that you can use to improve your remote work life and that are extremely user-friendly. There is no need to be very tech-savvy. Once your home office is set up (and often your employer or client is more than happy to assist you) you are good to go.

Even seemingly tricky issues such as data security can be managed with tools that are easy to install.

I don’t have the necessary equipment to work from home.

You don’t need much to be able to work from home. There are only a few necessary items. These don’t require much space and can be bought at a relatively low budget. In some cases, your employer might even pay for your expenses or they are tax-deductible.

Equipment is absolutely no reason why you can’t work from home professionally.

I need my coworkers and feel lonely when working from home.

While it is true that you won’t get the same level of social interaction with your coworkers when working from home, there are plenty of things you can do to stay in touch. Besides business meetings, you have several other options to connect on a personal level with your team members.

And if that’s still not enough, you can also occasionally work from other places that are not your home office to get in touch with like-minded remote professionals.


77% of remote employees say that they are more productive when working from home. You can become one of them!

Denise Mai

I have been working remotely for almost 10 years now and know how overwhelming and hard it can be at the beginning. I made many mistakes but also found many ways that worked. Today, I run a successful online business that I can live off very comfortably. Knowing that remote work can improve the lives of so many, I want to share my knowledge and help you achieve the same.

That’s why I spent almost 3 years creating and this step-by-step online course:

“Rock Your Home Office!”

Work from Home Online Course

What’s included:

Full Access to All Modules

Every lesson contains new information, smart advice, and proven strategies. Learn how to set up your home office, how to secure your data when working remotely, how to professionalize your remote communication, how to increase your productivity, and how to stay physically and mentally healthy when working from home.

Helpful App Lists

You don’t need to make your life harder than it needs to be! Today there are plenty of helpful apps out there that can improve our remote work life a lot. Get helpful lists with my favorite apps that are either free or available at a small cost. Absolute game changer!

Bonus Lessons

These valuable bonus lessons will give you additional tips on how to start a remote side hustle while still working in your current full-time office job. You will also learn the cheapest ways how you can make and receive international payments since that is a very common issue when working for international employers or clients. 

Checklists & Templates

Reading about these strategies is not enough – You have to take action, too! That is why each module includes checklists and templates for you to work with. These will help you implement your knowledge for the best results.

This is what others say…

I’ve had a few small online jobs already, so remote work wasn’t completely new to me. But there are many very helpful tips on productivity and how to stay healthy working from home and things like that. That helps a lot!

Bastian S.

Project Manager

I’m a digital nomad so I work online while traveling which can be very challenging. I’ve always been concerned about things like data security or online communication. This online course gave me many interesting tips on how to deal with that. I feel more confident now knowing that I finally took care of these issues.

Nicole S.

Event Manager

This is how it all breaks down:

Remote Work Equipment

  • Technical Equipment
  • Home Office Furniture
  • Fun Home Office Gadgets
  • Home Office Setup
  • Home Office Example
  • Checklist: Remote Work Equipment

Remote Work Data Security

  • Data Security Tips
  • Data Security Apps
  • Template: Data Security Planner

Remote Work Communication

  • Understanding Remote Communication Dynamics
  • Communication Tips
  • Remote Meeting Tips
  • Team Communication Tips
  • Communication Apps
  • Template: Communication Planner

Remote Work Productivity

  • The Right Working Environment
  • Important Remote Work Structures
  • Productivity Tips
  • Work from Home with Kids
  • Productivity Apps
  • Checklist: Remote Work Productivity

Remote Work Weekly Planning

  • How to Schedule Your Workweek
  • Template: Workweek Planner
  • Template: Workweek Planner – Creative

Remote Work Health

  • Remote Work and Physical Health
  • Remote Work and Mental Health
  • Video: Office Yoga
  • Health Apps
  • Template: Health Calendar
  • Bonus: Remote Work Side Hustle Tips
  • Bonus: How to Receive and Make International Payments

“Rock Your Remote Job” is a true game-changer for your remote work experience!

What would it be worth to you and your future if…


You could skyrocket your productivity to free more time for yourself, your family, and friends.


You could take care of your physical and mental health the best way possible when working from home.


You had a home office that is set up for success and great performance.

This is your opportunity to finally get all of that!



Checklists & Templates

App Lists

Bonus Lessons

To be honest I’m not exactly the most organized or disciplined type of person so I thought I would never be able to get much done working from home. But with the structure given in “Rock Your Remote Job” my remote work routine improved a lot! There are even days when I’m more productive than when I was working at my office. I’m getting into it more and more and I have to admit that by now I even enjoy working from home more than working from an office ;)

Andrew M.

Business Development Manager

Join the Remote Work Community Today!

When you enroll today, you’ll get:

Work from Home Online Course

The FULL “Rock Your Remote Job” online course. Here you will learn how you can set up your home office for success. Get the best tips on the equipment you need, what you need to know in terms of data security, and learn how you can skyrocket your productivity. On top of that, you will find out how you can stay happy and healthy both physically and mentally when working from home.
Value – $197

I know that this is a lot of money, especially if you are right at the beginning of your new remote career. Because I want to help as many people as possible, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll today at a special promo price of just:

Since the goal of this online course is to start improving your remote work life as soon as possible, every day you postpone this improvement you…


Keep wasting your precious time being distracted and unproductive.


Harm your physical and mental health with the wrong home office habits.


Feel lonely and suffer from a lack of social interaction with your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the course?

Mainly text, because I want non-English native speakers to be able to easily follow along, too. Plus, you don’t get distracted so much when reading instead of listening.

On top of that, you get downloadable checklists, template and app lists, as well.

How long will it take to complete the course?

This completely depends on the time you invest in working on it. Some people block one hour every day for the course, others block an entire weekend to work through it.

How do I get the bundle?

Simply head over to the course page of “Zero to Remote Work Success“. When you click on the “Sign Up Now” buttons, you get the online course “Zero to Remote Work Success” PLUS “Rock Your Remote Job” for free on top of it!

A great combination if you are new to remote work and want to make sure you get all the information you need!

I don't have a remote job yet. Can you help me?

Of course! If you are right at the beginning of your remote work career and don’t have a way to generate a remote income, yet, please head over to my online course “Zero to Remote Work Success”. This course will help you find the best way for you to make money online.

I want to travel while working remotely. Is this the right course for me?

Yes, it is! All the information, e.g. what kind of equipment you need or productivity tips, are customized to serve both needs.

Will I be able to access updated versions?

Yes, you will. In case I make any updates to the course, it is going to be in the version you have access to. That means you always have access to the latest version of the course.

For how long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to this online course! This allows you to work through it at your own pace. You can always go back and read the modules again if you want to.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Whenever you have a question, either before buying it or when you are already working through it, please feel free to contact me anytime! I’m happy to help! :)

Who am I?

My name is Denise Mai and my remote work journey started in 2010. Back then I had the opportunity to work from home for my former employer, a project management consultancy, for a few days a week. I thoroughly enjoyed this working style, the flexibility, and the freedom that came with it. I learned how much my productivity increased. So did my motivation and happiness.

Two years later I quit that job, started traveling and working remotely full-time. I had jobs as a translator, editor, and virtual assistant but my main focus has always been content writing.

Become A Digital Nomad, Location Independent Lifestyle, Remote Work, Freelancer, Entrepreneur

Remote Work for Good

Fast forward more than 10 years – I still work online 100% of my time and couldn’t possibly imagine it any other way. I worked as a remote employee, freelancer, and built my own six-figure online business.

I know that remote work is the future and that many others would enjoy the benefits this working style has to offer. That’s why I share my knowledge and hope I can help you on your way to a remote career, too!

Denise Mai