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Insured Nomads Review 2024: A Legit Insurance for Digital Nomads?

by | Last updated Jan 4, 2024

Insured Nomads is a relatively new insurance company for travelers and remote workers. In this Insured Nomads review, we want to look at what exactly is covered by the policy and what isn’t covered. We are also going to learn how much Insured Nomads costs and if it’s really suitable for digital nomads.

Is Insured Nomads worth the money? Let’s find out!

What Is Insured Nomads?

According to the website, Insured Nomads offers international insurance to remote workers, digital nomads, travelers, and expats.  Their services are split into the two categories health insurance and travel insurance.

The company was founded in 2019 and the team behind it is made of global citizens who love to travel, which is always a benefit because they know what travelers and nomads need and want.

Bonus Note: Insured Nomads helps communities around the world. For instance, when purchasing travel or health coverage, they make donations to organizations like Not For Sale, which is working on ending the circumstances that lead to exploitation and slavery.

Insured Nomads Review

What Does Insured Nomads Cover?

As mentioned before, Insured Nomads offers both health and travel insurance. Let’s look at these services in detail:

Insured Nomads Health Insurance

The Insured Nomad Health Insurance is an international health insurance that covers you whether you are abroad traveling or staying in your home country. There are two main plans you can go for:

  1. Connect Plans: These are for individuals, couples, and families
  2. Juvo Plans: These are for companies and organizations

I assume most of my readers are interested in personal insurance so I’m only going to focus on the Connect Plans for now. You can find more information on the Juvo Plans on the Insured Nomads website. 

For the Connected Plans, there is an extensive coverage of health insurance services:

  • Impatient care: Hospital stay, surgery & related care, oncology, and organ transplant (I don’t think I know any other insurance provider that covers that!)
  • Outpatient care: Physician consultations, ER or urgent care, diagnostic tests, alternative & complementary treatments
  • Mental health: Virtual mental health support in over 60 languages, 24/7 mental health care hotspot, substance abuse support
  • Assistance: Ambulance transportation, vaccinations, preventative screenings, prescription drugs, maternity (optional), vision care (optional), dental (optional)

These services are offered in more than 190 countries (which is pretty much anywhere in the world) – either in your home country or abroad. So even when you are not traveling all year round, you can choose this service and are covered.

You can also choose the medical benefit maximum depending on your preferences: $500,00, $1,000,000, or $3,000,000, and choose your deductibles, either US $0, $500, $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000.

That means you receive a customized plan according to your needs.

Insured Nomads Health Insurance

Insured Nomads Travel Insurance

On the contrary, the Insured Nomads Travel Insurance is a typical travel insurance that you can purchase when you have a trip coming up. Here you can also pick from three plans:

  1. World Explorer: This plan includes travel medical coverage for single trips for 7 to 264 days
  2. World Explorer Guadian: Here you receive trip cancellation, medical, evacuation, benefits, and more (downside: it’s currently only eligible for US residents)
  3. World Explorer Guardian: This plan is uniquely designed for areas of conflict, warzones, or hotspots like Sudan or Ukraine

I don’t want this Insured Nomad review to get too complicated so, again, I focus on the first two options here, as I think this is probably what most of you are interested in. Again, you can find more information on the third plan on the Insured Nomads website.

This is what’s included in the World Explorer Plan:

  • Medical: COVID-19 Cover, acute onset of pre-existing conditions (not many insurance providers cover pre-existing conditions!), emergency dental treatment, and medical benefits of $250,000 to $2,000,000
  • Security: Local ambulance transport, natural disaster accommodations, evacuation, and repatriation, alerts, and a 24-hour response center
  • Travel: Airport lounge access for registered delayed flights, lost luggage coverage, mental wellness, and adventure and marine sports coverage (again, not many cover this)

As for the World Explorer Guardian, you can expect the following services:

  • Trip Coverage: Trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connection, trip delay, and emergency evacuation
  • Medical Coverage: Emergency accident and sickness medical expense, accidental death, and dismemberment, and you can choose between $50, $205, and $500K medical coverage options
  • Extra: Pet medical expense, rental car damage, and trip cancellation for any reason

So compared to some other digital nomad travel insurances, these services are quite extensive.

Insured Nomads Travel Insurance

INC – Insured Nomads Community Membership

No matter what type of coverage you purchase, you automatically get a 12-month INC membership. These are exclusive non-policy benefits that you receive, no matter if you file a claim during your insurance coverage or not. Here are a few of these benefits that are included:

  • COVID-19 Information
  • Mental health counseling & assessment
  • Visa & vaccination requirements
  • Flight delay lounge access
  • Travel delay reimbursement
  • Evacuation & relocation
  • BitDefender Cybersecurity
  • Community recommendations
  • Exclusive offers from businesses

Insured Nomads INC

What Does Insured Nomads NOT Cover?

As you can see, Insured Nomads have a very thought-through list of services. But what don’t they cover?

When compared to other international health and travel insurance plans, I couldn’t find any information on the following services. So from my understanding, Insured Nomads does not cover:

  • Physical therapy and chiropractic, and
  • Gear protection

However, these could also be included in other services. If they are relevant to you, please make sure to read the fine print, as the policies are subject to changes, and double-check for your individual situation and the plan you pick.

Claims that are for sure not covered by Insured Nomads (and by no other health or travel insurance for that matter) are incidents that arise from any criminal, fraudulent, deceptive, willful, reckless, malicious, or other unlawful acts or omissions you may have committed.

Insured Nomads Test: Who Is Insured Nomads for?

According to the website, Insured Nomads is for:

  • Remote workers,
  • Digital nomads,
  • Travelers, and
  • Expats

So if you work online and/or enjoy traveling the world or are currently working from another country, Insured Nomads could be the right choice for you.

Tip: Check out my ranking of the best digital nomad insurance to get more information on the topic.

How do I File a Claim with Insured Nomads?

Filing a claim with Insured Nomad follows the standard procedure that most insurance providers have in place:

  1. If the incident occurs, you need to contact the Insured Nomad claim team. You can do so through the INC app, by using the global medical assistance numbers, or via email (see below). This needs to be within 60 days of the date the expense is incurred.
  2. Hand in all information that is needed to process the claim, for instance: detailed invoices of your expenses or hospitalization supporting documents.
  3. The support team is going to review your claim within 30 days. In case of a refund, the money is transferred to your credit card.

Here are the contact details for filing a claim with Insured Nomads:

Health Insurance:
+1 (205) 236 5117
+33 (1) 76 46 10 19

World Explorer:
+1 (317) 210 2010

World Explorer Guardian:
+1 (727) 699 1101

Insured Nomads Test

How Much Does Insured Nomads Cost?

Due to their variety of plans and customized options, it’s pretty much impossible to give you the exact Insured Nomad costs. But here are a few numbers to give you at least an idea:

  • If you get the health plan “Connect” with up to $500,000 in medical expenses coverage, your monthly rate starts from $224.
  • If you prefer a health plan with a medical maximum of $3,000,000 and you pick the “Connect Three” plan, rates start from $256 per month.
  • If, on the other hand, you are interested in the travel plans, you could get a $250,000 medical coverage with a $250 deductible for a 10-day trip that costs $2,000, and pay around $90 for that trip.

I know it’s a bit confusing. So feel free to head over to the Insured Nomads website and get a personalized quote for your situation.  

Insured Nomads Experiences of Users

As mentioned before, Insured Nomads is a relatively new company. That’s why there still aren’t that many Insured Nomads experiences of former users on the internet. But let’s look at the most popular platforms:

Insured Nomads Trustpilot Reviews

At the time of writing this Insured Nomads review, there are 103 ratings on Trustpilot. These reviews average 4.3 stars out of 5, which translates to “Excellent”. More than 80% of all users gave a 5-star Insured Nomads review. That’s a fantastic result.

People praise the fantastic customer support and fast assistance. Users also liked the information and updates they received through the app, the travel credit card perks, and the affordable and comprehensive coverage.

The negative reviews include issues with the website or the registration process, and that it takes a couple of hours to get hold of a customer agent.  

Insured Nomads Trustpilot

Other Insured Nomads Reviews

Apart from Trustpilot, you can also find a few Insured Nomads reviews on the website Product Hunt. Currently, there are only 27 reviews, so it’s not really representable but those reviews are all 5 out of 5 stars. 

Another website, Better Business Bureau, also lists Insured Nomads reviews. Although there are only 3 reviews, yet, these prove again an excellent service and are all rated with 5 stars.

Insured Nomads Alternatives

There are a few Insured Nomads alternatives out there in case you want to check your options. Here are the two most popular ones specifically for digital nomads and remote workers:

SafetyWing vs. Insured Nomads

SafetyWing is a fantastic choice of travel and health insurance if you work remotely, are a digital nomad, or simply like to travel. Just like Insured Nomads, this company is made by nomads for nomads, which means they understand exactly the needs nomads have.

Their travel medical insurance covers people from all over the world at a very affordable rate. Rates start from $45.08 for 4 weeks and include a $250,000 maximum limit and $250 deductible. You can also include 2 children under the age of 10 in this policy.

You can sign up before your departure or during your journey. Every 3 months abroad, you are covered for a visit back home for up to 30 days.

The coverage includes a variety of medical and travel services that you can find listed on the SafetyWing website.

Comparing SafetyWing vs. Insured Nomads, I find SafetyWing a lot more affordable and their plans are easier to understand than the Insured Nomads ones. On the other hand, Insured Nomads also offers health insurance that covers all of your usual treatments while you live in your home country.

Tip: If you want to learn more about this company, check out my SafetyWing review.

Digital Nomad Insurance - SafetyWing

World Nomads vs. Insured Nomads

World Nomads is another big player in the travel insurance industry. This company focuses mainly on independent travelers instead of digital nomads and remote workers. So this is the right place if you want to go out and explore the world.

In terms of World Nomads vs. Insured Nomads, I’m a bit torn. The good thing about World Nomads is that they also cover gear protection.

On the other hand, their rates are also more on the higher end and looking at World Nomads Trustpilot reviews, I’m not sure if I would recommend them at the moment. Ratings have been decreasing strongly over the past years and more than 30% of users gave only 1-star reviews, complaining about the customer support and slow claim processes or saying there is no response at all.

So only because World Nomads has been on the market for quite some time and is by now one of the biggest players out there, doesn’t mean their service is better than that of the new kids like Insured Nomads.

Insured Nomads Pros and Cons

I know this was a lot of information. Let’s look at a summary of the most important Insured Nomads pros and cons:

Insured Nomads Advantages

  • Extensive coverage for both travel and health insurance
  • Health insurance covers you in your home country
  • Complimentary INC membership with many helpful benefits
  • Insured Nomads app
  • Covers uncommon services, such as high-risk sports, organ transplants, and cancer treatments
  • Plans are customizable to personal needs
  • Many positive Insured Nomads reviews of previous users
  • Donations are made to non-profit projects

Insured Nomads Disadvantages

  • Several plans and personalized pricing structures can be confusing
  • No gear protection

Insured Nomads Review – The Verdict

Insured Nomads LogoAs you can see in this Insured Nomads review, the company has quite a few things to offer despite its relatively young age.

You cannot only find comprehensive travel insurance that covers everything from emergency dental treatment to lost luggage coverage but also health insurance that covers all your medical needs while living in your home country. The Insured Nomads experiences of other users are also highly promising.

Insured Nomads is legit and a very interesting option for travel and health insurance. If you’re looking for Insured Nomads alternatives, I recommend SafetyWing as they come with some of the most affordable plans on the market and have extensive travel medical coverage.


Is Insured Nomads a Scam or is Insured Nomads legit?

Insured Nomads is legit and not a scam. Many users report their Insured Nomad experiences online and these are very positive.

Insured Nomads is also a mandated underwriter for AWP Health & Life SA, which has the registered business names Allianz Care and Allianz Partners. So huge players in the insurance industry.

Can I use Insured Nomads as a Digital Nomad?

Yes, you can purchase Insured Nomads as a digital nomad or if you want to become a digital nomad. The company was founded by people from around the world who love traveling and are experienced in working remotely. Therefore, the insurance plans meet the needs of remote workers and travelers alike.

How much Is Insured Nomads per Month?

There are no fixed monthly prices at Insured Nomads but many customizable plans. These depend on your age, the maximum expenses you would like to have covered, deductibles, and more.

To give you a few numbers, if you go for the health plan, your potential rate could be $224 per month. If you are interested in a travel plan, a trip of 10 days could cost around $90.

Is Insured Nomads Worth it?

Yes, Insured Nomads is worth it according to many previous users on review platforms like Trustpilot. They praise the customer services, as well as the extensive coverage, and the additional benefits, like the INC app.

To see if Insured Nomads is worth the money for your personal situation, please get a customized quote for free on the Insured Nomads website.

Can I purchase an Insured Nomads travel insurance while I’m already traveling?

Yes, you can purchase the Insured Nomads travel insurance while you’re traveling. In this case, the cover begins at the start of the policy period and ends when you return to your home or at the end of the period of cover as shown on your certificate of insurance, whichever is earlier.

Can I visit my home country when I have travel insurance with Insured Nomads?

Yes, if you have purchased the travel insurance, an incidental trip home of 15 days per 90 days of coverage is allowed.

What Countries Does Insured Nomads Cover?

Insured Nomads covers more than 190 countries. When choosing a plan, you can decide between worldwide coverage or worldwide without the USA. No cover is provided for any trip to or through Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, or the Crimea region.

Denise Mai

Denise Mai

Founder of Digital Nomad Soul

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! My name is Denise and I have been working online for more than 10 years. In the past, I worked as a remote employee and freelancer & managed to build a six-figure online business. I know that many others would love to work from home or work while traveling, too. That’s why I want to share my experience and help you on your way to your remote career!

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