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12 Most Profitable Fiverr Gigs for Beginners in 2024

by | Last updated Jan 4, 2024

Fiverr is definitely one of the most popular platforms for freelancers to make money online. Here you can offer all kinds of services to earn a part-time or full-time income while working from home.

What many people don’t know is that there are also plenty of high-paying job opportunities on the platform that offer a very decent income. In this article, I want to show you 12 of the most profitable Fiverr gigs that you can start with or without any experience.

I also give you some real-life examples and how much money they currently earn on Fiverr. This should give you a rough idea of what to expect when working on the platform.

Why Make Money on Fiverr?

Fiverr LogoAs I’ve shared with you before, I’m a huge fan of the freelance platform Upwork. So far, I made more than $120,000 as a freelancer using the website. (If you want to learn more about how to make money on Upwork, check out the linked article!)

But Upwork is not the only platform for freelancers out there. Another highly popular platform is Fiverr. And there are quite a few reasons for it:

  • Registering and creating a profile is free.
  • You only pay a fee to Fiverr once you get paid by your client which means you don’t have to pay anything in advance.
  • Once a client approves your delivery, you get paid automatically. No need to write invoices or chase after your money.
  • There is an abundance of clients looking for freelancers on the platform.

I tried Fiverr a while ago, too, and was quite surprised by how many orders and requests I received. I shared my experience and a step-by-step tutorial in this article: How to make money on Fiverr. So if you want to learn my strategy, check it out!

Most Profitable Fiverr Gigs

Now let’s get to the most important part. Here are 12 of the most profitable Fiverr gigs out there:

1. Travel Planner

If you are a passionate traveler, you can earn a decent income with your knowledge on Fiverr. There are many people out there who want to explore new countries but don’t like planning the actual trip. You can help them by:

  • Researching hotels
  • Transportation
  • Popular food places or
  • Creating an itinerary with interesting sights to see.

For this job, you don’t need to have a degree or any formal experience. All you need is to be passionate about traveling. That’s enough to start making money.

To give you an example: One freelancer on Fiverr charges $150 to create an itinerary of 15 days of travel to up to 5 locations.

Another freelancer earns $380 for creating a detailed travel itinerary of up to 5 cities, including accommodation, transport, and activities.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - Travel planning

2. Resume or Cover Letter Writer

Most people hate looking for a new job. One of the worst parts about it is writing a professional resume and cover letter. However, this is also one of the most important parts because if these documents aren’t convincing, you don’t even get invited for an interview. So it only makes sense to hire an expert for this task.

To get hired for this job on Fiverr, you don’t need to have any type of degree but you should be experienced in writing resumes and cover letters.

Many freelancers charge around $210 for writing a resume, a cover letter, and optimizing the client’s LinkedIn profile. The most successful freelancers can charge up to $630 for this service. 

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - Resume writing

3. Personal Stylist

If fashion is your thing, this is the right job category for you. As a personal stylist, you can find some well-paying jobs on Fiverr. Here you could either offer different services or focus on niches like;

  • Luxury fashion
  • Makeovers or
  • Capsule wardrobes

To get hired, you don’t need to have a degree or years of experience. All you need is to be passionate about fashion and have the willingness to help others improve their personal style.

For example, one woman on Fiverr charges $350 for creating 10 shoppable outfits, including accessories. Another freelancer earns $360 making a closet audit and creating 8 new outfits based on personal style, needs, and budget.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - Stylist

4. Infographic Designer

Do you like graphic design? If so, you can make a very decent income from it on Fiverr. There are many different niches within graphic design and one of the most profitable ones is surely infographic design. Here you create, for example:

  • Commercial infographics for online shops
  • Infographics for social media
  • Educational infographics or
  • Infographics for companies

You don’t need a degree but obviously should know how to create different graphics and designs. For this, you can use tools such as Canva, Visme, or Piktochart.

As a beginner, your payments are more on the lower end. But the better you get, the higher your income. For instance, for an infographic with 4-6 data points, you can charge around $200. Top earners manage to charge up to $1,500 for a graphic with up to 20 data points.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - Infographic Design

5. Script Writing

If you enjoy writing, you can definitely make a lot of money on Fiverr. Besides the mentioned resume writing, you could also specialize in script writing and create all types of scripts for clients, for instance, scripts for:

  • YouTube
  • Podcasts
  • Explainer videos
  • Sales videos
  • Documentaries or
  • Children screenplays

There is no formal education required if you want to become a freelance writer in this niche but you should be experienced or be willing to learn if you want to charge higher rates.

For example, one freelancer makes $120 for writing a short script of only 300 words. Another one charges $1,050 for a script that is up to 30 minutes long, so no more than 30 pages.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - Script Writing

6. Trailer Creator

This job is perfect for everyone who likes creating videos and animations and wants to earn a decent income in this niche on Fiverr.

As a trailer creator, you design and create videos that can be used as trailers for:

  • Games
  • Movies or
  • Sports promotions

These videos are usually very short and somewhere between 30 seconds and 4 minutes.

Again, you don’t need to have a degree but definitely need to be experienced in creating animations and using software like Animaker or Vyond.

For a 3-minute 3D animation video, freelancers on Fiverr charge around $400. If you want to offer extra services, like scriptwriting or voice-over, you can earn up to $575 for a 2-minute trailer.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - Trailer creation

7. Life Coach

Yes, you can even offer services like coaching sessions on Fiverr. And in the category of life coaching, you can find many different areas, like:

  • Accountability partner
  • Public speaking trainer
  • Time and productivity manager
  • Dating coach
  • NLP therapist
  • Emotional support or
  • Money mindset coach

Depending on your experience and the service packages you offer, your rates can vary greatly. For instance, as an accountability coach, you could charge $700 for a 15 min call 5 days a week for 12 weeks to track your client’s process.

You could also help your clients get their dream job by offering $275 for 2 job interview coaching sessions.

Or you could work as a dating coach and earn $595 for creating a dating profile and 60-minute coaching via video call. So this job definitely qualifies as one of the most profitable Fiverr gigs this year.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - Life Coach

8. SEO Expert

The vast majority of businesses today need Search Engine Optimization or short SEO. Potential customers can only find a website on the internet if the content is optimized in a way that search engines like Google or Yahoo rank it high in their search results.

While this sounds fairly easy, it often isn’t. Therefore, you should either be experienced in that area or at least complete an online course or training to know what you need to do. You can find countless free and paid courses and guides online that help you improve your skills.

Once you are an expert, your income opportunities increase significantly. For example, one guy on Fiverr charges $695 for optimizing 10 pages of a website while another freelancer makes $1,500 for auditing the website, researching 50 keywords, and also optimizing 10 pages.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - SEO Expert

9. Logo Creator

If you are a creative person and like designing things, then logo creation might be a good niche for you. Companies are willing to pay large amounts of money to find the perfect logo for their brand.

Whether you use Photoshop or free tools like Canva is totally up to you. Many freelancers charge between $50 and $150 per logo. But there are also super successful ones that manage to earn between $800 and $2,050 for one logo.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - Logo designer

10. Influencer

Do you have a large following on social media and an engaged audience? Then you can find paid gigs as an influencer on remote job sites like Fiverr. Instead of waiting for brands to approach you and ask for collaborations, you could offer potential partnerships on Fiverr.

That means companies pay you money to promote their products, for instance, sportswear or beauty products, to your social media accounts.

For example, one girl on Fiverr, who has around 40,000 followers on Instagram, offers a package of one post and two Instagram stories for $400.

Another girl with 30,000 followers on different channels combined charges $450 to promote the product by creating one Instagram/Facebook story, one Instagram reel, and the promotion on TikTok.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - INfluencer

11. NFT Artist

NFTs are surely one of the most popular topics out there right now. So it’s no surprise that there is a huge earning potential. Especially, if you can design unique NFT art you can easily earn a full-time income from it.

To be able to create a large number of customized NFTs at a time, you should use specialized software like NFT Creator which comes with numerous backgrounds, filters, and templates.

Your income opportunities in this niche are definitely impressive: For example, one NFT art collection with 100 NFTs can make you up to $1,400. If you create a collection of 10,000 NFTs, you can even charge up to $10,000.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - NFT art

12. Facebook Ads Manager

As an ad manager, you set up ads on Facebook for clients. While it sounds easy, it is quite tricky to find the right settings and target audience, so the ad gets seen by the right people.

That’s why you should take at least an online course or do some kind of training to learn how to manage Facebook ads professionally.

And the hard work pays off. If you know what you are doing and can set up successful Facebook ads, you can earn a nice income from it. For example, one guy on Fiverr charges $995 to create one Facebook ad campaign with 15 ad variations.

But that’s not even the limit. Another freelancer makes $3,655 to manage the Facebook ad account for 30 days for big companies.

Most profitable Fiverr gigs - Facebook ads

How to Make Money on Fiverr?

I’ve already explained in detail how you can land your first remote job on freelance platforms. This process is the same as when you want to score any of the just mentioned most profitable Fiverr gigs. So here just as an overview the rough steps:

  1. Register for free on Fiverr and create a profile
  2. Create your first (few) Fiverr gigs
  3. Share your gig offer with as many people as possible, e.g. on LinkedIn or Facebook
  4. After getting your first orders, deliver top-quality work to receive positive feedback
  5. Once you have several 5-star reviews, more experience, and have improved your skills, you can slowly increase your rates.

Start Making Money on Fiverr Today

As you can see, there are plenty of ways how you can make money online with Fiverr. In this article, I’ve shown you only 12 of the most profitable Fiverr gigs. But rest assured, there are plenty more!

Especially, if you become an expert in your niche, you can charge much higher rates on Fiverr and even earn a six-figure income.

So pick one of the mentioned jobs, register a free Fiverr account today, and get your first good reviews. After some time, you are going to be able to make a great income on the freelance platform!

Have you already tried Fiverr? What are your experiences? Let us know in the comments below!

Denise Mai

Denise Mai

Founder of Digital Nomad Soul

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! My name is Denise and I have been working online for more than 10 years. In the past, I worked as a remote employee and freelancer & managed to build a six-figure online business. I know that many others would love to work from home or work while traveling, too. That’s why I want to share my experience and help you on your way to your remote career!

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