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15 High-Paying Jobs for Introverts That Are Online

by | Last updated Sep 6, 2020

Not everyone feels comfortable in a crowded office environment. But many people shy away from remote jobs because they think they will have to sacrifice their good salary. Luckily, this is not the case. There are many high-paying jobs for introverts out there, that can be done online. Check out the following list to find the best jobs for introverts on a remote basis.

Why do many Introverts Prefer Online Jobs?

Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t like people. Introverts can be very social, too. But while extroverts get their energy from being surrounded by others, introverts need some quiet time alone to recharge their batteries.

Plus, some people tend to be really shy and only feel comfortable when they are around their family and close friends. Busy working environments with many (unfamiliar) coworkers can stress them out.

That’s why remote jobs are a fantastic solution for these kinds of shy introverts. They can create their own working environment, which helps them keeping up their energy level and staying productive.

Want to find out if introverts make good digital nomads? Check out the linked post!

High-paying Online Jobs for Introverts, Introvert Jobs

High-Paying Jobs for Introverts That Are Online

Many remote jobs require you to participate in a lot of phone calls and to have constant meetings with supervisors or coworkers. And don’t even get me started with home-call-center-jobs where you have to call countless of strangers every day and try to sell them stuff or getting yelled at for any random issues that are not even your fault.

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Luckily, there are also some opportunities out there, that involve only a few interactions with others. If you prefer to keep your level of business collaborations at a minimum AND earn a decent income, check out the following great jobs for introverts that pay well:

1. Virtual Bookkeeper

Unlike accounting, many bookkeeping jobs don’t require you to have a certain degree or certification. That means that even if you have a different background, you can become a virtual bookkeeper if you are reliable, detail-oriented and trustworthy.

Your tasks would be, for example, creating, checking and updating of financial records, or handling incoming receipts and reimbursing employees for expenses.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an employed bookkeeper can make about 40,000 USD a year. If you work as a freelancer, you get to make your own rates and can thus earn even more, if you know how to sell your service right.

To learn more about how you can position yourself as a freelance expert, check out Lizzie’s blog Wanderful World.

2. Actuary

Another goodie for everyone who loves numbers and details. If that’s your thing, you might consider becoming an actuary. These people analyze all sorts of statistical data, for example, mortality, disabilities, or accident rates and create forecasts about future risks.

And, you’ve guessed it, it’s a great job you can do online. All you need is a computer, software like Excel, SQL, R or python, and off you go.

Since it also requires quite a bit of knowledge and skills, you can earn great money with it. Expect annual payments of 100,610 USD.

Whatever online job you do, make sure you NEVER use public WIFI without a reliable VPN. Get your unlimited data protection today with one of the best VPN providers out there and my absolute favorite: PureVPN.

Best VPN

3. Data Scientist

Similar to an actuary, a data scientist spends a decent amount of time with, well… data. They make sense of complex spreadsheets full of numbers and provide reports with their analysis.

You need a strong background in fields such as mathematics, statistics or economy to score a job in that field.

But the effort is worth it when you look at the payment: According to DataJobs, entry-level positions get between 50,000 and 75,000 USD a year and experienced data analysts can expect a payment of 65,000 to 110,000 USD each year.

4. Social Media Manager

Yes, social media management is more than watching cat videos on Facebook all day and hitting the like button every once in a while. You need to be able to set up social media strategies and successfully implement them.

This job definitely needs some sort of experience and maybe a proven record. However, it can easily be done online from home and be very profitable.

Your payment depends, as usual, on your background in social media and the type of responsibility you have. According to Sproutsocial that could be anywhere between 30,000 and 70,000 USD per year.

If you want to learn more about social media management, check out the free online courses that Hootsuite is offering.

5. Sell Photos

In case you are a professional photographer, you already have perfect skills for introverts. If you are, for example, into landscape photography, you can easily avoid big groups of people. The only thing you need to master is to monetize your skills.

The easiest way is to upload them on stock photo platforms such as Shutterstock. While not everyone will be able to make a living from that, there are also people who make about 6,000 GBP per photo.

Another idea would be to get your photos printed on products, e.g. t-shirts, pillows, smartphone cases or anything you can think of. If you are creative enough this can be a nice additional income stream.

You can also become a bit more active and approach companies or websites directly, e.g. tourist boards, directly, offering your photos.

Or you can go and check out freelancing platforms and see if someone is in need of a photographer for certain projects or offer your service directly.

Online Jobs for Introverts, Work as a Photographer

6. Film/Video Editor

This is another fantastic independent online job for introverts who prefer to work from home. As a film or video editor, you usually get the raw material from your clients or the company you work for and discuss what needs to be done. After that, you can start editing on your own (apart from occasional queries).

Again, you get to set your own rates. According to Sokanu a film and video editor can make 62,760 USD per year on average. Not too bad at all.

7. Freelance Translator

Are you good at languages? If so, you can consider becoming a professional translator. How much money you earn depends mainly on your skills, your experience and what type of language combination you offer.

If your language combination is in high demand and there aren’t too many other translators out there, you can charge a decent rate.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics translators make an average income of 46,120 USD per year.

If you want to learn how you can become a freelance translator, too, check out the linked step-by-step guide.

8. Freelance Writer

Do you love writing? Why not become a freelance writer? Your options are almost endless: You could write for blogs, publish your own ebooks, write copy for marketing departments, ghostwrite books for others or whatever area you want to specialize in.

Again, you get to set your own rates, which could be hourly rates, rates per word or project. If you are specialized in a popular field, experienced and skilled, you can charge around 250 USD per hour, according to Copyblogger.

Check out this incredible list by Paul Scrivens to find amazing paid writing opportunities.

9. Technical Writer

A technical writer explains complex and technical information in documents like instruction manuals or journal articles.

This is again a job that requires you to have a certain degree and experience with things like engineering or computer science. But if you do, this can be a great job for you. It can be done online and you won’t be involved in too many meetings or consultations.

And the payment is definitely another advantage: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, technical writers get an annual wage of 69,850 USD.

10. Editor

Since we are talking about content work, let’s look at another text-related job: You could also become a professional editor. You need to be very detail-oriented, focused and have a great feeling for content to do the job.

Again, you could either work for a company or start as a freelancer, which would allow you to set your own rates. As a beginner with less than 5 years’ work experience, you can expect to make about 57,210 USD per year.

If you want to learn more about the job of an editor and how you can become one, check out this awesome guide by Editors.ca.

Online Jobs for Introverts,, Laptop Job

11. Blogging

There is the saying that most blogs will be closed within their first 12 months of existence because it’s so hard to become successful and make a living blogging. But if you hang in there long enough and be ready to work really hard, your income opportunities are almost endless.

Don’t believe me? Check out blogging superstars such as Michelle Schroder-Gardner, Pat Flynn or Rosemarie from the Busy Budgeter. They make five- to six-figure profits every month – mainly with ads, affiliate marketing, or selling of online courses.

And as an extra bonus, you don’t need to have any type of experience, let alone degree or training. All you need is the thirst to learn how it works.

If you want to start a blog, head over to Siteground to get the most popular webhosting package for blogging beginners out there.

12. Software Developer

The classic. That’s probably the one online job that most people have in mind when they think of introvert jobs. And it’s true. The majority of software development jobs can easily be done from home and don’t require much interaction with clients or employers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a software developer makes an average of 98,260 USD a year. No surprise this job is so popular!

13. Graphic Designer

Another online job that gets associated with introverts much is graphic design. It can easily be done from home and has a limited amount of interaction with other people. This is a great job for everyone who likes to be as creative as possible while still sticking to the clients’ requirements.

If you have a talent for designs and quite a bit of experience, you can make a decent income as a graphic designer. According to The Undercover Recruiter that is up to 76,910 USD per year.

If you don’t want to work for a company but start as a freelancer, you can use platforms like Fiverr or 99designs to offer your service.

14. Email Support

Many shy introverts find it hard to pick up the phone and call random people, either to sell something or to assist with any type of issue.

Good news: You don’t have to even if you want to work in customer support. Luckily, plenty of companies offer support via live chat or email, which is a brilliant opportunity.

Since introverts are usually great listeners, they are perfect to assist (potential) customers with their questions or difficulties.

A study conducted by Helpscout states that customer support professionals earned an average of 57,686 USD in 2017.

Create a Shopify Store and sell your products online

15. Dropshipping via Shopify

You don’t necessarily have to work for someone else to make good money. You could also start a dropshipping business and make money from selling products. That involves hardly any direct contact with others and can be super profitable. There are literally no limits with what you can earn.

Start your FREE 14-day trial with Shopify today and set up your own online store in less than 30 minutes! Click here: I want the trial!

If you want to learn how I helped my former client to make 95,000 USD a month with dropshipping, check out the linked post.

The great thing about dropshipping: You don’t need to have your own products or deal with complicated logistics. When your customers place an order, the manufacturer or another retailer will send it to them directly. Check out this guide to learn more about dropshipping.

Online Jobs for Introverts, Work from home

Still haven’t found a job that could work for you? Check out my popular online course “Zero to Remote Work Success” that teaches you step by step how you can find a remote job that you love AND that pays the bills – even with no previous experience and without being very tech-savvy! This course definitely kickstarts your remote career in no time!

Remote Work Online Course

The Best Jobs for Introverts are Online

As you can see, working from home doesn’t mean that you have to do jobs at a minimum wage. There are many high-paying jobs, too, and they don’t have to be in sales or any other area with much customer contact.

In fact, you can easily do a job with minimum interaction with others and get a great monthly payment. Especially, when you focus on a certain area and become an expert in that, you can set your rates higher and make more money.

This list definitely shows that there are great high-paying jobs for introverts that are online.

Online Jobs for Introverts, Work from home

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  14. I laughed when I saw my job (data analyst – although we like to call ourselves data scientists these days) on the list. Guilty as charged. I am definitely an introvert. I have been working from home for over 10 years now. You couldn’t drag me back into an office if you set my house on fire. And yes, the pay is excellent.

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