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There are countless of websites and apps out there, that will help you to plan and organize your new nomadic lifestyle. The links listed below are the resources that I have found most useful when working remotely and traveling the world.

Digital Nomad Accommodation

Housecarers: I have been using this website for years now. It shows you the best housesitting places all around the world. Take care of other people’s houses and pets while they are away and stay in their place FOR FREE. Jackpot!

Airbnb: Airbnb is a great way of finding apartments for a few days or weeks or even months. You usually get to live like a local and, if you want to, spend time with your host. Register with this link and get 25 USD off your first stay. A classic. I love the fact that you usually don’t have to pay in advance. Plus, their reviews show how good the WIFI connection in that place is. This is super handy for all digital nomads.

CoWoLi: A listing of unique shared living spaces all around the world to find the best place for you to work at.

DigitalNomadHouse: A directory of digital nomad houses around the world with helpful user reviews to find your perfect place to live and work.

If you want to find out how I personally manage to find the best digital nomad accommodations around the world, check out the linked article.

Digital Nomad Travel Insurances

Safety Wing: SafetyWing is probably the cheapest medical travel insurance you can find. Their rates start from USD 39 a month and include all of the basic coverage a digital nomad should have. They are also super flexible in terms of duration and very reliable. Perfect for every savvy nomad!

World Nomads: World Nomads has been around quite some time and enjoys an excellent reputation. They have great value-for-money-ratio and even cover adventure sports and your electronics, such as laptop or smartphone. Very professional insurance company that will cover everything you need.

If you want to learn more about health insurances for digital nomads, check out the linked article.

Digital Nomad Tools & Apps

PureVPN: By far one of the cheapest VPN services out there. I have been using PureVPN for quite some time now and they are super reliable, easy to use and very affordable. Highly recommended!

Bluehost: If you need your own website, e.g. because you want to start a blog, need a portfolio to show your skills and work, or an online shop to sell your products, go for the hosting provider Bluehost. It’s cheap yet great quality and easy to work with. Perfect for beginners!

Evernote: This digital notepad stores and organizes everything from websites to files or photos.

Every Time Zone: This tool helps you to keep an overview of the different time zones you and your clients or family are in. This free webhosting uptime monitoring service provides the opportunity to check your present or perspective provider’s uptime and response time history for the previous 30 days and get an objective idea of their performance.

Lastpass: Easy way to save all of your passwords for various websites. You have to download the map of your destination in advance and can use it offline later. It is very detailed and includes, for example, information about accommodation and points of interested.

Nomad List: Amazing tool! It shows you the best cities for digital nomads based on metrics such as internet speed, cost of living, weather and much more.

Nomad Projects: This platform connects nomads who want to start or collaborate on a side project.

Trail Wallet: This app helps you to track your expenses (even in different curriencies) and lets you analyze and improve your financials.

TransferWise: TransferWise is an easy to use, quick and super cheap way to transfer money between bank accounts in different countries.

Trello: A free project management software to organize all of your private and business projects.

Tripit: This free travel planner organizes all of your digital travel documents, like flight schedules, so you have it ready whenever needed.

Xero: This tool helps you with your bookkeeping and accounting by setting payment notifications, tracking cashflows, dealing with invoices and much more.

Click here to find more helpful apps for freelancer, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads.

Digital Nomad Jobs

Idealist: Maybe the online website for online jobs that doesn’t list any technical-related jobs, but a great selction of health, youth or legal work.

Fiverr: Set up a profile with your services and wait for potential clients to book you or apply for open positions.

Freelancer: One of the most popular remote job websites. You can find jobs on an hourly basis, fixed prices or bid on gigs.

Hubstaff Talent: A fairly new online job site, that is completely free and offers jobs in many different categories.

Jobbatical: Usually no remote jobs, but a great alternative if you feel like working in a local job somewhere for a while. Check out Jobbatical to find some very exciting job postings from start-ups all around the world.

Remote OK: A great selection of thousands of remote jobs, especially for tech-related digital nomads.

Upwork: On Upwork (former oDesk) you can find freelance jobs in many different job categories, both remote and local jobs. Setting up your profile is free, but you have to pay a fee on every job you do.

Working Nomads: Another great website to find digital jobs you can do from anywhere in the world.

You can find more than 40 other websites for remote jobs here. Also learn how you can score a job on freelance platforms.

Digital Nomad Programs & Retreats

Venture with Impact: Venture with Impact is a 4-week social impact coworking retreat that provides professionals with the opportunity to continue their career remotely while giving back through skills-based volunteer projects. With programs in Colombia, Portugal and Thailand, Venture with Impact is unique in that it allows people to work abroad with a like-minded community while making a difference locally.

Co-Work Paradise: 12 entrepreneurs live together in a beautiful villa in Bali for one month. They attend high-level workshops and connect with other successful remote professionals.

Hacker Paradise: Travel together with fellow developers, designers or entrepreneurs for 2 weeks to 3 months around the world. Group sizes are between 20 and 30 people.

Project Gateway: A group of entrepreneurs spend 3 weeks together in a stunning eco safari lodge on Mauritius. They get to combine their daily work with fun adventures.

Remote Year: Probably the most famous one. A group of 50-80 freelancers, entrepreneurs or remote professionals travel around the world and work at the same time. Each month they move to a new country.

Check out this list with the 12 most popular digital nomads retreats & programs.

Digital Nomad Conferences / Events

DCBKK: An annual 5-day event placed in Bangkok. It is organised by Dan and Ian, who run the TropicalMBA, and brings together entrepreneurs from around the world.

DNX GLOBAL: Conferences about location independent entrepreneurship. Started in Germany but now takes place in other countries, too.

Freedom Summit: This event is a virtual gathering on the location independent lifestyle. Access is free and you get to listen to many inspiring speakers on the event weekend.

Nomad City: This event is a collaboration with Nomad Cruise. It takes place in Gran Canaria and tackles topics related to remote workers and remote companies.

7in7: 7 conferences, 7 years, 7 continents. Started in 2015 this project brings together digital nomads, remote workers and location independent entrepreneurs to make nomad life better.

Looking for the best digital nomad events to join in 2019? Check the linked article, incl. dates and prices.

Digital Nomad Blogs & Websites

Digital Nomad Soul: *shameless self-promotion* This blog is full of great advice for aspiring and seasoned digital nomads alike. Learn about the ups and downs of this lifestyle, how you prepare it, how to find online jobs, and how you make the best of your life on the road. 

Digital Nomad News: An online newspaper with stories and information from location independent lifestyles.

Life Remotely: Get information about the remote working lifestyle and useful travel advice.

Making it Anywhere: Learn from Rob and Mish, who travel around the world and make money with their own business.

Nomad Capitalist: This blog provides plenty of information on offshore living, global citizenship and wealth creation.

Nomadic Notes: James has it all: travel guides, tips on long-term travel and information for digital nomads.

Nomad Stack: An extensive resource that lists everything you need to start your digital nomad life, e.g. jobs, destinations, rooms, coworking, conferences, and much more.

Flights & Transport

Blablacar: This is a long-distance carpooling service. People offer their empty car seats for others going in the same direction. Usually way cheaper and faster than public transport.

Hopper: Pick your destination and the calendar will tell you when your flights are the cheapest, so you know the best time to book your tickets.

Secretflying: Oh.My.God. This site is incredible! It is not the usual flight booking website where you get hundreds of flights with your exact dates and desired departures/arrival cities. But if you are a bit flexible, you can get info on airfares with huge savings. I’ve found some great deals with them.

Skyscanner: I cannot live without it. I really haven’t found a better flight search engine than Skyscanner. It allows you to not only check for specific airports but also entire countries. And it shows you the best flight prices for the entire month, not just for one day. Super handy.

Uber: A great and cheap alternative to normal taxis. Plus, there are no annoying arguments about the price or your destination because you type that in before you leave.

Making Friends

Find a Nomad: With this tool, you can find other nomads and discover where they will be throughout the year.

MeetUp: This is an online social networking portal with thousands of offline group meetings of like-minded people in various places around the world.

Nomad Soulmates: The dating app will be released in summer 2017 and helps nomads connecting with like-minded people.

Facebook Groups: No matter where you go, chances are pretty big that there is a Facebook group about it. Try searching for the place itself or phrases like „New to …“ or „Finding Friends in…“.

Learn more about virtual and local communities for remote worker and digital nomads. 


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