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15 Remote Jobs for Extroverts: Work-from-Home Jobs & Tips for Extroverted People

by | Last updated Sep 23, 2023

While working from home has many advantages, it is not the perfect work style for everyone. Especially extroverted people oftentimes find it harder to work outside their offices. They feel lonely quickly and crave social interactions. In this article, you find plenty of tips on how to make working from a home office more enjoyable and you get the 15 best remote jobs for extroverts!


Why Extroverted People Often Don’t Like Remote Jobs

There are many different definitions of how to distinguish extroverted from introverted people and what their specific traits are. I don’t want to get too scientific here so for the sake of simplicity, I’ve picked the below listed remote jobs for extroverts due to the following (very general) assumptions:

  • Extroverts prefer talking about tasks instead of purely thinking about them.
  • They enjoy the company of their coworkers and get energy from being with other people.
  • They need social interactions throughout the day and actively seek them.
  • They feel lonely quite easily and have a harder time being alone for longer periods.
  • They feel comfortable in large gatherings and often don’t mind being the center of attention.

As said, these are general descriptions. Don’t come at me if you feel like you’re an extrovert but don’t tick all of these boxes ;)

Also, if you think you are actually quite the opposite, feel free to check out my blog post on the most popular remote jobs for introverts

High-Paying Remote Jobs for Extroverts

Alright, now let’s look at some of the remote jobs that work perfectly for extroverted people:

1. Sales Manager

No surprise, any type of sales job is great for people who get their energy from talking to strangers. Here you get the chance to talk to potential customers and help them with their buying decisions.

For many sales positions today you don’t need to come to an office anymore but can work from home. You either have to do cold callings or get to call customers who are already interested in the product or service you are trying to sell.

It is common for sales jobs to get paid both a fixed salary and a commission on top based on your performance. So the better you are, the more money you can make.

Woman with laptop at home


2. Customer Service Representative

Customer service jobs can be equally good for extroverts and introverts. Whereas many introverts prefer customer service based on email and live chats, extroverts take over the phone call requests.

The nature of these requests varies a lot. For instance, you could talk to customers who need help setting up a product they’ve just ordered or you troubleshoot any technical issues. Other customers are looking to understand the different services your employer provides. Either way, it’s safe to say that you’ll be on the phone most of the day.


3. Project Manager

When you work as a project manager, you are, for instance, responsible for the work performance of your team. Are you still on track? Can you meet the next milestones? Are you still on budget?

Since there are many things you are in control of, you have to work closely with many different people. That means quite a few online meetings, phone calls, and consultations with others. That’s perfect to keep extroverts distracted from their “lonely” home office.

Remote Jobs for Extroverted People

4. Teacher or Tutor

Teaching is another great remote job for extroverts. And thanks to modern technology, more and more teaching positions can be done online. You could, for instance, work as a language teacher and teach kids English or any other language.

Or maybe you are qualified in another subject like history or mathematics. There are many kids and teens who need extra private lessons to pass their school exams.

Here you usually prepare your lessons (or get a curriculum from the institute you work for) and work through them with your students via video calls.


5. Life Coach, Fitness Coach, or Career Coach

When you work as a coach, you usually work very closely with your clients and that means constant calls, consultations, and interactions. There are many different areas that you could work in, for instance:

  • You could work as a life coach and bring your clients back on track or help them attain greater fulfillment, may it be in their professional or personal lives.
  • You could work as a fitness coach and help your clients achieve their weight or fitness goals by setting up training and meal plans.
  • You could work as a career coach and guide your clients to find the right career for their needs or bring their professional life to the next level.


6. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is the perfect entry-level remote job. For most positions, you don’t need to have a degree or certain knowledge. But you need to be a problem-solver, be proactive, and organized.

For example, you may be responsible for booking events, doing research, admin tasks, social media activities, or coordinating projects. It all depends on what your clients need to get done. In any case, you work closely with your clients and often have to make calls and organize things with third parties.

7. Human Resource Manager or Recruiter

Simply said, as an HR manager you manage people. One of the main tasks is to develop an organization’s culture. You are responsible for the communication between the company’s managers and the employees. That also means that you accompany an employee’s entire circle, from recruiting to hiring, onboarding, training, and releasing.

You could either work in the general human resource department, where you coordinate a lot with other internal staff, or focus more on recruitment, where you handle job candidates and do interviews. Either way, a great remote job for extroverts.


8. Event Manager

As an event manager, you have to work closely with many different groups of interest. You need to organize things like location, catering, entertainment, logistics, participants, security, cleaning staff, and many more. On top of that, you need to stick to the given budget and coordinate with other team members.

That’s a lot of communication and it also involves actively approaching others and building a network for future events. Whereas introverts usually don’t feel very comfortable with these tasks, extroverts get a lot of energy from this job.


9. Management Consultant

To be fair, a management consultant could do pretty much anything. And since the job is so diverse, there is also much room for both introverts and extroverts. Let’s say we’re talking about IT consultants, who go into a company, analyze a given project that is much behind schedule, and evaluate its performance.

To get the IT project back on track, you need to work closely with the entire team. You also need to have strong skills in change management and be able to manage conflicts efficiently.

High-Paying Remote Jobs for Extroverts

10. Public Relations Manager

Whereas many marketing positions are great for introverts, being a public relations manager is usually more suitable for extroverts. Here you draft press releases, build relationships with media partners, and manage press campaigns. In case of negative press, you need to develop and implement strategies to minimize its impact.

That means you have to deal a lot with people from outside of your organization, build a network of media contacts, and approach negative feedback in an offensive and professional way.


11. Stylist

More and more people become aware of their personal style, may it be in their professional or private life. Aspects like finding the right colors for your skin tone or the right dresses for your body type don’t come easy to everyone. That’s why many people today seek stylists for individual consultation.

As a remote stylist you have video calls with your clients, analyze their appearance, and give suggestions for improvements. Since you often talk to a couple of new clients every day, you need to be a very outgoing and proactive person.

Check out this guide by Gigworker to learn more about becoming a virtual stylist.


12. Lawyer

Needless to say as a lawyer you are in contact with many different people; your clients, the police, the opponent, the prosecution, and whoever is involved in the case. That means you need to have good communication skills and a broad network of social contacts within the industry surely doesn’t hurt either.

Luckily, more and more tasks of a lawyer can be done online today, which makes this a great remote job for extroverts.

Head over to Axiom Law to find remote jobs in the legal industry.


13. YouTuber

Do you like being the center of attention, have a bubbly personality, and don’t mind speaking in front of the camera? Then becoming a YouTuber might be something to consider for you. In the beginning, all you need is your smartphone and a decent microphone to record the videos. Make a concept of what your channel is going to be about. Maybe you have a special hobby or a certain knowledge or skill you want to teach others about?

This is also a perfect opportunity you could start as a side hustle. Once your channel brings in enough money, you can go full-time with it.

Side note: Did you know that we are finally on YouTube? Yay! Check out our videos: Digital Nomad Soul / Make Dollars Work.

Man making YouTube videos

14. Podcaster

Similar to making YouTube videos, as a podcaster you produce audio that you can monetize in the long run (for instance with sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or selling your own products).

To make it even more interesting, you could invite different people to your podcast and do interviews. That means you have to reach out to potential interview partners and see if they are interested. Getting to know them, doing the interviews, and promoting them is surely great fun for extroverts.

If you want to learn more, check out my blog post on how to become a content creator.


15. Entrepreneur

Fantastic generic word. Today there are also plenty of ways both introverts and extroverts can start and run a company. But many aspects of it are probably more suitable for extroverts. Just think of tasks like:

  • Hiring and managing employees,
  • Cold calls to acquire clients or customers,
  • Maintain good customer relationships,
  • Establish a network of professional and social contacts,
  • Promoting your service or products,
  • Being the face and spokesperson of your company.

Many extroverts thrive on these tasks. On top of that, you can profit from all the benefits that remote work has to offer.


Where to Find Remote Jobs for Extroverts?

Sounds great to you? Now it’s time to find the perfect remote job for you. There are many different approaches to doing so. For instance, you could:

I personally recommend you use FlexJobs. This is an online job board where you can find countless flexible and remote jobs with reputable companies, such as Apple, Dell, or The American Red Cross. As a huge bonus, all of the jobs are hand-screened which means you won’t find any of the usual work-from-home scams here.

Head over to FlexJobs now and browse through the many open jobs for people all around the world!


Helpful Tips for Extroverts Working from Home

As you can tell from the characteristics mentioned above, working from home as an extrovert can cause some issues. That’s why many extroverted people are not the biggest fans of remote jobs. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to enjoy all of the benefits of remote work AND satisfy your extroverted needs. Here are a few ideas:

Tip 1: Pick the right job

As with every job, you have to go for a job that works for your extroverted character. If you decide on a typical remote job for introverts, e.g. content writing, where you mostly work alone and don’t need much interaction with others, you are going to have a much harder time. Check out the jobs listed above to get some ideas on what could work for you.


Tip 2: Schedule regular meetings

In most jobs, you need some type of cooperation with others. Instead of having a phone call every once in a while, try to schedule regular meetings. For instance, you could have a video conference with the entire team once a week, another video call with specific team members only, and a third call with another department.

Of course, don’t plan meetings just for the sake of talking to someone. But if it makes sense, (video) conferences can help your extroverted cravings a lot.

Woman with laptop at kitchen counter

Tip 3: Try online co-work or co-lunch sessions

I love this idea for people who feel lost working from a home office. Once a week (or more often if you wish), plan online co-work sessions. That means that everyone in your team logs into a video conference. But instead of discussing a particular subject, you simply work as usual. Within this hour or two, you can see the rest of your team can ask questions or give comments, just as you would if you were all sitting in the same open-plan office.

The same goes for online co-lunch sessions. Once a week you all join a video conference at lunchtime. During this hour, you enjoy your meals together and chat about all the things you normally would during your lunch break at the office. This is almost as if you were all sitting at the same table.


Tip 4: Work from outside of your home

If you only work from home, you can get lonely soon. Try changing scenery. You could check out coworking spaces near you. Some employers are even willing to contribute to the monthly costs of a shared office.

Or you could go to a quiet café and work from there for a few hours. Or maybe there’s a nice library near you.  Or you could grab your laptop, use your phone as an internet hotspot, and work from the park for a bit. Whatever gets you out of the house can prevent loneliness.


Tip 5: Plan in private social interactions

You are probably doing that anyway but let’s emphasize it again. If you can’t get enough social interactions during your workday, at least make it a point to plan private meetups. Since remote jobs often allow for a flexible schedule, you could plan breakfast or lunch dates, or meet your friends in the evenings.

Make sure to spread your meetups evenly throughout the week so you don’t have too many days in a row without actually seeing someone. 


Remote Jobs for Extroverts Can Work!

As you can see, there are plenty of (high-paying) remote jobs for extroverts out there. You can find them in pretty much any industry. Make sure you implement the given tips so you find it easier to work from home as an extrovert.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and it gave you some inspiration on what type of online jobs you could do as an extroverted person. Do you know more great remote jobs for extroverts? Let me know in the comments below so we have even more options to choose from!

Denise Mai

Denise Mai

Founder of Digital Nomad Soul

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! My name is Denise and I have been working online for more than 10 years. In the past, I worked as a remote employee and freelancer & managed to build a six-figure online business. I know that many others would love to work from home or work while traveling, too. That’s why I want to share my experience and help you on your way to your remote career!

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    It was a very enjoyable read! Although I am more on the introvert side, some of my very close friends are extroverts. You are right they are struggling with remote work ever since the pandemic. I am sure, they will benefit from this resource, and it will help them manage remote work better. I will definitely share this article within my network to educate everyone around me. Thanks a lot for sharing this information resource. I will be appreciated by a ton of people.

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