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Remote work course online

Most Comprehensive Online Course on Remote Work

Why Going Remote?


Are you tired of your long commute to work every day?


Do you want to spend more time with your family, friends or maybe even with your dog or cat?


Are you interested in working on your own schedule to get the maximum flexibility?


Do you want to have a working environment where you can truly thrive and actually get to enjoy your work?


Are you longing for the freedom to travel for as long as you like because you work online from anywhere in the world?

A remote job can get you all of that and so much more!

It’s easy to see all of the advantages remote work has to offer. So the only question is:

Where to start?

You are standing in front of this huge thing called “Remote Work” and you have no idea where to start.

What kind of remote job could you do? Where do you find such a job? And will you be able to be productive while not working in an office?

Many questions. Much confusion.

You have to be very strategic when you want to be successful with your career change or else you will only waste your time and potentially your money, too.

This course will help you structure the idea of remote work. Together, we will make a plan and go step by step through the process from zero to 100% remote work.

At the end of this course, you will either have a remote job or know exactly what you need to do in order to get one. You will also know all of the strategies and tips that you need to be able to work online successfully.

“Zero to Remote Work Success” will help you start your remote career from scratch!



Worksheets & Templates

Link- & Checklists

Bonus Lessons

The online course will teach you so many important steps for your new location-independent life, for instance:


If you should work as a remote employee, freelancer or start your own online business.


What kind of remote work would be the right one for you.


How you can find legit online jobs that pay the bills  – with or without experience.


What technical and legal aspects you need to consider.


What type of equipment you need to work from home or while traveling.


How you can stay productive working from a home office or anywhere in the world.


What apps can help you master your every day remote work life.


How you can deal with remote specific issues, like loneliness, time zones or getting paid.


…and much more!

What’s included?

“Zero to Remote Work Success” consists of two online courses:


The main course “Zero to Remote Work Success” helps you find out what kind of remote job is the right one for you and gives you strategies how you can find an employer, clients or how to start you own online business.


“Rock Your Remote Job” helps you be productive and healthy when working online, gives you instructions on how to secure your data and teaches you how to improve your online communication.

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6 Valuable Bonus Lessons

Challenging worksheets

12 Challenging Worksheets & Templates


5 Link Lists and Checklists

I’ve read the eBook “Work Remotely” and got the opportunity to give this online course a test run. All I can say is: WOW! This course contains so much helpful information, it is surely the most comprehensive course I have seen on this topic so far. I can’t think of an important remote work issue that wasn’t covered in this course. My productivity while working online and traveling improved a lot with all these tips. The strategies also helped me getting two new clients which means I’m fully booked now, lol. If you want to start working remotely and are willing to put in the work, I can only highly recommend this course!

Nicole S.

Be strategic and learn EXACTLY what you need to know in order to start your remote work career successfully. Every lesson contains new information, smart advice and proven strategies of almost 10 years of working remotely. Learn how to find the best remote job for your needs and how to master the everyday challenges of working online.

Only knowing what you have to do won’t get you there – You have to take action, too! That is why each module of “Zero to Remote Work Success” includes challenging worksheets. These will not only help you implement your knowledge but also make you think about what you really want and need. With the completion of each task, you will get one step closer to your new location-independent lifestyle.

Work from Wherever You Want

Never commute to your office again! This course teaches you how to work from home.

Go and see the world! Here you will learn how to make money online while traveling.

Course Outline

Module 1: Get Started with Remote Work

Definition of Remote Work

Remote Work Statistics

Skills You Need to Work Remotely

Why You Will Like Remote Work

Why You Won’t Like Remote Work

When You Are Going to Make Money

How Much Money You Are Going to Make

Bonus: Work-From-Home-Scams to Avoid

Worksheet: Your Reasons for Working Remotely

Module 2: How To Make Money Online

What Remote Job Is the Right One for You

Bonus: Popular Remote Jobs for Inspiration

Worksheet: Find Your Perfect Remote Job

Which Remote Work Style You Should Go for

Module 3: Find Work as a Remote Employee

Strategies to Find a Remote Employer

How to Convince Your Employer of Remote Work

Bonus: Benefits to Present Your Employer

How to Write the Perfect Remote Job Application

How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview

Salary & Benefits

Link List: Fully Remote Companies

Link List: Remote-Friendly Companies

Worksheet: Find Your First Remote Employer

Module 4: Find Work as a Remote Freelancer

Strategies to Find Remote Clients

Link List: Freelance Platforms

How to Excel on Freelance Platforms

How to Calculate Your Freelance Rate

Worksheet: Calculate Your Freelance Rate

Worksheet: Find Your First Remote Client

Module 5: Start Your Own Online Business

Worksheet: Define Your Business Idea

Bonus: Popular Online Business Ideas for Inspiration

How to Write a Business Plan

Worksheet: Write Your Business Plan

How to Finance Your Business

How to Hire Remote Employees

+ Additional Course

“Rock Your Remote Job”

Module 1: Remote Work Equipment

Technical Equipment

Home Office Furniture

Home Office Setup

Home Office Example

Checklist: Remote Work Equipment

Module 2: Remote Work Data Security

Data Security Tips

Data Security Apps

Template: Data Security Planner

Module 3: Remote Work Communication

Understanding Remote Communication Dynamics

Communication Tips

Remote Meeting Tips

 Team Communication Tips

Communication Apps

Template: Communication Planner

Module 4: Remote Work Productivity

The Right Working Environment

Important Remote Work Structures

Productivity Tips

Productivity Apps

Checklist: Remote Work Productivity

Module 5: Remote Work Weekly Planning

How to Schedule Your Workweek

Template: Workweek Planner

 Template: Workweek Planner – Creative

Module 6: Remote Work Health

Remote Work and Physical Health

Remote Work and Mental Health

Video: Office Yoga

Health Apps

Template: Health Calendar

Bonus Material

Bonus: Remote Work Side Hustle Tips

Bonus: How to Receive and Make International Payments

With “Zero to Remote Work Success” You Will Learn:

If you should work as a remote employee, remote freelancer or start your own online business.

Which remote job would be the right one for you or which type of online business you should start.

How you can find legit online jobs that pay the bills long-term – with or without experience.

What you need to take into consideration when you start your first online business and how to finance it.

Everything you need to know on how to be productive, healthy and successful when working remotely.

As you can see, “Zero to Remote Work Success” is jam-packed with all the information you need to start a remote career. If this is your dream, if you want to become location-independent and make money online, this course is the right place for you!

I started the course a few weeks ago and so far made huge progress. I found out what type of remote job is best for me, created a strategy on how to find a remote employer and sent out applications. Yesterday I’ve already received my first job interview invitation! I’ve had a look at the chapter on how to prepare a remote job interview and will definitely use the ideas. No doubt, without the course I wouldn’t be at this point yet. Thank you so much!!

Jacob M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the course?

Mainly text, because I want non-English native speakers to be able to easily follow along, too. Plus, you don’t get distracted so much when reading instead of listening.

On top of that, there are plenty of worksheets, link lists and templates, as well.

Is there really a second online course included?

YES, there is! If you buy “Zero to Remote Work Success” you get my second online course “Rock Your Remote Job” on top of it FOR FREE!

This second online course will teach you how you can be productive and healthy when working remotely, how to secure you data and how you can improve your online communication.

These two online courses are a fantastic combination if you are right at the beginning of your remote work career!

How long will it take to complete the course?

This completely depends on the time you invest in working on it. Some people block one hour every day for the course, others 15 hours every weekend – so it’s hard to say.

However, this is nothing you can work through on a Sunday afternoon. The course is very comprehensive and it will take you at least a couple of weeks to work through everything.

After all, this new way of making money online can change your entire life. So it should be prepared carefully and not being rushed through.

I don't have any IT skills. Can I still find a remote job?

Yes, you can! There are so many remote job opportunities out there that don’t require any IT skills, you wouldn’t believe it.

With the strategies given in this course, you will be able to identify a remote job, that works exactly for your skills and experience. Don’t worry, there is absolutely no need to be extremely tech-savvy if you want to make an income online.

After completing the course, when will I find my first remote job?

Generally speaking, it all depends on how fast and how efficient you implement the suggested strategies. Understandingly, I cannot guarantee you to find a remote job in a certain time frame.

However, if you stick to the explained methods and do your best to work on them, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find a remote job soon after completing the course.

I want to travel while working remotely. Is this the right course for me?

Absolutely! This course will help you make an income online either from your home office or while traveling.

All the information, e.g. what kind of equipment you need or productivity tips, are customized to serve both needs.

Will I be able to access updated versions?

Yes, you will. In case I make any updates to the course, it is going to be in the version you have access to. That means you always have access to the latest version of the course.

For how long will I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course “Zero to Remote Work Success” for the lifetime of the course AND guaranteed access for at least six months after you enroll.

I have already bought your eBook “Work Remotely”. Will I still be able to profit from the course?

Most definitely, yes! Although the basic structure of the course is based on the eBook, there is plenty of new content, much additional information and a wide range of interactive sections. You will definitely still profit a lot from the course.

As a little thank you for your trust, I’m happy to give you a discount of 30%! Simply send me a message with your name and the email address you used when buying the ebook and I’ll send you the voucher code straight away.

Do I need any equipment to work through the course?

This is an online course, so all you need is internet and you can start.

For your convenience I recommend you to print the worksheets so you can simply fill them out. If you don’t have a printer nearby, don’t worry! You can also use a piece of paper and simply write down the questions again.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

I would never want you to be unhappy with any of my products!

To make you feel totally comfortable with your purchase of “Zero to Remote Work Success”, I offer you a 7-day money-back guarantee. This gives you the chance to have a look at the content and see if this is something that could work for you.

In case you aren’t liking it, you can simply send me an email within 7 days of purchasing and you will receive a full refund.

Who can I contact in case I have any questions concerning the course?

Whenever you have a question, either before buying it or when you are already working through it, please feel free to contact me anytime! I’m happy to help! :)

Who am I?


My name is Denise and my remote work journey started in 2010. Back then I had the opportunity to work from home for my former employer, a project management consultancy, for a few days a week. I thoroughly enjoyed this working style, the flexibility, and freedom that came with it. I learned how much my productivity increased. So did my motivation and happiness.

A few years later I quit that job and started working remotely full-time. I had jobs as a translator, editor, and virtual assistant but my main focus has always been content writing.

Fast forward 9 years – I still work online 100% of my time and couldn’t possibly imagine it any other way. Today I share my knowledge with others and hope I can help you on your way to a remote career, too!

Denise Mai