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World Nomads Review: A Good Digital Nomad Insurance?

by | Last updated Jan 28, 2023

Since it is one of the most popular travel insurances out there and I have used them for many years, too, I think it’s time to make a comprehensive World Nomads review.

Maybe you are just about to embark on the digital nomad lifestyle or maybe you have already started but realized that you need some more information about international health insurance. If so, check out the following blog post and learn what type of insurance you need and if World Nomads is the right one for you.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

World Nomads LogoIf you are like me, you probably hate spending money on things you don’t need and try to avoid nonsense expenses when traveling whenever you can. Although many people might be lucky enough to get along without one, I strongly believe that proper travel insurance is definitely something every digital nomad or traveler needs. No exception.

Many people argue that they are going to be careful when they travel and don’t do anything stupid. Well, that’s great. But that doesn’t prevent you from accidents.

For example, you could go on a hike, stumble and get a complicated fracture on your ankle that needs surgery. I assure you this is going to be VERY expensive.

Or you take a taxi to the airport to catch a flight to your next destination and it ends up in a car crash. Not your fault at all.

That’s why they are called accidents and emergencies. You can’t predict them. You can’t control them.

While you will probably be able to cover minor injuries or health issues with your pocket money, you would need thousands of dollars in savings to pay for bigger incidents. Some hospitals might even reject you if don’t have insurance to pay for the bills.

Getting proper travel insurance won’t only save you financially, but can literally save your life. That’s why I highly recommend everyone to get insurance.

What is World Nomads?

Ok, having that out of the way, you now need to find travel insurance which is also suitable for digital nomads. This is where World Nomads comes into play.

It is an Australian-based travel insurance company that is intended for independent travelers from over 150 countries. It was established in 2002 and has since kept travelers safe on their adventures around the world.

World Nomads is not only trusted by countless other famous travel bloggers, like Nomadic Matt or Goats On The Road, but also by Lonely Planet and National Geographic. So definitely reputable.

Now let’s find out what makes them so special and if they are qualified as digital nomad insurance.

World Nomads Website

World Nomads Review: The Good

Let’s start with all the reasons why World Nomads is so popular:

1. For Nomads By Nomads

First of all, World Nomads is run by a team of nomads itself. This means they know what this lifestyle is about and what struggles there are. This is a huge plus since most other travel insurance companies care specialized for the average tourist, who has different needs.

2. Medical Coverage

World Nomads covers a wide range of different medical incidents. Without wanting to go too much into detail, I still want to give you an overview of the most important facts:

World Nomads travel insurance provides up to 100,000 USD in coverage. This cover includes not only medical expenses but also medical evacuation and repatriation in case you are injured. That means if you have an accident, for example somewhere in the mountains, and need to be evacuated to the next hospital, you are covered.

Moreover, your World Nomads plan covers emergency dental treatments if needed.

3. Worst-Case Coverage

Another point, that is highly important as I have stated in another blog post before, is the coverage in case of accidental death. I know, this is not something you want to think about. But it happens. And just in case it does, World Nomads pays a good sum to your beneficiary, for example, your parents.

In addition, they cover the costs of sending your body home. I wouldn’t want my family to have to deal with that, that’s why I always make sure my travel insurance includes this.

What’s more, they also payout in case you lose an arm, foot, eyesight, or anything like that.

4. Tech Gear Coverage

To me this is probably the second-best thing about World Nomads: They cover your expensive equipment, too! Especially as a digital nomad, you will have a decent laptop and smartphone with you all the time. Maybe a tablet or a camera and high-quality lenses? Every hobby photographers know how much this costs.

To be precise your electronics are covered when they:

  • Are stolen while they were within your reach or supervised
  • Are stolen from a safety box
  • Get lost by a common carrier in the cargo hold or luggage trailer.
  • Are accidentally damaged, destroyed by natural disaster or fire or by a common carrier

Most other insurance companies don’t cover incidents like that so you would have to get extra gear coverage. Not with World Nomads. Here you have it all in one place.

5. Adventure Activities Coverage

Yes, as a digital nomad, you will spend a big portion of your new lifestyle in front of your laptop. After all, you are still working and not on a full-time backpacking trip. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t go out and explore your new countries, right? No worries, World Nomads got you covered.

They have a super long list of activities that are included in their policy. Check out the following list! Do you know any other company that covers things like skydiving or bungee jumping? I don’t.

Aworld Nomads List of covered Activities

6. Work During Travel Coverage

Being a digital nomad you don’t just want to travel but also need to work. Many other travel insurances are not happy to hear that you are going to work during your trip, even if it’s just on your laptop. This is an important point to check before signing up!

World Nomads doesn’t have an issue with that! Your online work does not affect your coverage so you are safe to travel and work.

7. Buy It From Anywhere

Here is the thing: The majority of travel insurance companies require you to be in your home country when you sign up with them. But what if you are already on the road and forgot to get one? Or if you realize that your current insurance provider was not the best choice and you need a new one?

World Nomads allows you to buy their insurance from anywhere in the world. No need to be at home for that. Plus, you can also extend it from anywhere if you wish to do so.

8. Flexible Cancellation Policy

Let’s say you buy their insurance for 12 months, to begin with. After 9 months you realize that the digital nomad lifestyle is not really your thing and that you don’t want to continue this lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that.

Or maybe there is another reason why you have to end or temporarily stop your journey, like a sick relative.

World Nomads allows you to cancel your policy before the end date. You don’t even need to finish in your home country.

More than that, if you have to cancel your trip before you started it, e.g. because you or a family member gets sick or there is a natural disaster, World Nomads reimburses you for your prepaid expenses.

9. Easy Claim Process

A few months ago I met a girl in a coworking space who just got back from a doctor and had to buy expensive medication. When she wanted to make a claim with her insurance company, they told her she needed to print out the forms and send everything via mail.

In addition to that, she needed to see a doctor in her home country who confirms her disease and the signs of the claim.

But she had no intention of going back within the next couple of weeks. By then she wouldn’t be sick anymore and the doctor couldn’t confirm anything. So she ended up paying for it herself. Very frustrating since she had paid a lot of money for that coverage.

The great thing with World Nomads is that you can make all your claims online, from wherever you are in the world. They also accept international doctors’ opinions, which is definitely needed when you are a digital nomad and not only on short-term trips.

More than that, they have 24/7 emergency assistance. The team is ready whenever you need to be connected to medical treatment or transportation. No need to wait for opening hours.

Extra Plus Point: Social Projects

This one has nothing to do with your personal coverage. However, it’s a nice additional benefit. World Nomads connects their customers (if they wish) to established charities, so they can help fund projects that they care about.

World Nomads pays for all administration and technology costs so that 100% of your micro-donations can go to the projects. So far they’ve managed to raise over $2.5 million for more than 150 community projects worldwide. Great idea!

World Nomads Benefits

World Nomads Review: The Bad

As with every travel insurance, World Nomads has its downsides, too. One drawback might be that you need to have a permanent residency during your coverage. For instance, if you are a US-American and want to travel for one year, you need to keep your residence in the US this year.

If you are planning to give up on your residency and move from one place to another without having an actual home base, unfortunately, World Nomads won’t work for you.

However, if you are just about to start your digital nomad career and are not really sure if you want to do this in the long run, World Nomads is a great entry option for you.

The same goes for part-time digital nomads who like to travel or live abroad without giving up their residency.

Extra Tip: If you don’t have a residency, check out the travel healthcare provider SafetyWing. Their insurance policy is specifically made for digital nomads and they offer reasonable prices and flexible contracts.

How Much Does World Nomads Cost?

World Nomads has very reasonable prices. If you search on the internet for a while you might be able to find cheaper ones. But please double-check their coverage! It’s hard to find another travel insurance that covers so many different incidents with such a great service at the same or cheaper price level.

To find out how much travel insurance would cost for you (it depends on your home country, travel period, etc.), use the form on the World Nomads website and get an instant quote for free!

My Personal Experience With World Nomads

As you can probably easily see, I’m a big fan of World Nomads. I used them for many years during my travels. At the moment I can’t use them because I don’t have a residency and therefore had to go for an international health care provider. But as soon as I will settle again for a while and go on occasional trips, I’ll surely go back to World Nomads.


Simply because they have a great package. They cover everything that is important to me (medical evacuation + accidental death + technical gear) at a very affordable price. On top of that, their 24/7 customer service has always been very helpful, accommodating, and super friendly.

Benefits At A Glance

Just in case you didn’t read the above super long World Nomads review ;) here are the most important benefits summarized:

  • For nomads by nomads – they understand your needs.
  • Wide coverage of medical expenses, medical evacuation, and repatriation
  • Worst-case coverage, i.e. accidental death
  • Tech gear coverage for stolen, damaged, or lost items
  • Adventure activities coverage
  • Online work during travel coverage
  • Buy and extend from anywhere in the world
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • The easy online claim process
  • Support community development projects

Two Backpackers planning a trip

World Nomads Qualifies As Digital Nomad Insurance

As you can see in this World Nomads review, you will get quite a lot for your money. This travel insurance covers many different areas during your trip. While there might be cases where World Nomads won’t work as digital nomad insurance, many long-term travelers and remote professionals will profit a lot from this travel insurance.

I hope this World Nomads review helped you to figure out if they are the right choice for you.

Also please bear in mind that whatever company you go for, always read the whole policy before buying! It is super important that you know exactly what is covered, what isn’t, and what kinds of certification you will need. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the insurance company. After all, it’s about your money and well-being.

Pin - World Nomads Review

Denise Mai

Denise Mai

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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! My name is Denise and I have been working online for more than 10 years. In the past, I worked as a remote employee and freelancer & managed to build a six-figure online business. I know that many others would love to work from home or work while traveling, too. That’s why I want to share my experience and help you on your way to your remote career!

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  1. Hi Robin, I’m very sorry about your uncle! Please contact World Nomads as soon as possible to check the best option for your individual case. You can find the contact details on their Contact Us page. All the best!

  2. I bought a World Nomad policy N300S on September 5 for a 4 month period of travel. I was notified yesterday that my uncle died and that his funeral will be next week. Unfortunately, he died 2 days before I purchased the policy, but I was not informed until after. In addition, on Sept 5, after I bought the policy the State Department sent out a warning to US citizens to avoid all travel to Turkey. I am going to cancel my trip to Turkey which begins today in 5 1/2 hours. Will World Nomads cover the cost of my flights? Or should I cancel the policy today, the date my trip was scheduled to begin?

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